Accepting Change In Life

” The only thing that is constant is change.” ~Heraclitus~ Accepting Change

Accepting changeThere are many ways that change occurs in our lives. Sometimes it is quick and jarring leaving trauma and drama in its wake. These are the changes that make you change the way that you live. Nothing will ever be the same. But more often, change is like a dripping faucet, as each drop slowly accumulates you never notice until the thing that once was one way, is now totally another.  Change is happening to us all each day and Heraclitus was right, it is one of the constants we can always rely on. All we can do is work on our ability to accept change.

Choosing Personal Growth

Personal Growth Leads to Living Well

personal growth 22In our lives, there is nothing so important as seeking out and pursuing opportunities to grow as a person. Just as any other living creature, our purpose in life is to contribute and to continually move toward becoming our best selves. Just as plants are born and start to grow throughout their lives.

As you look at your life and each activity that you are participating in asking yourself if there is a chance for growth in doing this.  We are all consciously, physically and mentally going one of two ways. 1. We are getting better or becoming more or growing  2. We are getting worse, becoming less or shrinking.

Challenges and Choices


Age is just a number, however, there are some numbers that are much more intimidating than others and turning 50 is one of these.

To me, at this milestone, I have conflicting feelings, I assume all people are the same.  I have fears and insecurities about life, just as I did when I was turning 40, 30, 20 or even 10.  Hopefully, I have developed tools and learned lessons that have helped me navigate the aging process in a positive manner. Embracing the experience. Reflection is one of the tools that I use to understand the value of an experience. To take that lesson into living my life every day.