“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

133622396_80_80This famous quote by Abraham Lincoln was given well over a hundred years ago and I believe that it can be directly applied today, to the reason we do not have peace in the world. When it comes to war, hatred and discrimination of any kind there first has to exist a feeling of separation in one’s mind.  A cognitive judgment that a person places on another to exclude them from themselves and their lives.

Core Beliefs

BeliefMinds work overtime, sometimes and I wrote this list originally several years ago but continually update my core beliefs as new evidence and experience prove old ideas in need of tweaking or total replacement. So here are the current version of MY CORE BELIEFS. Presented in no particular order, here are a few of the things that I hold as truths for my life.

We Are All Connected

Call it God, the Universe, or whatever your religion dictates, but to me, we are all connected through divine order.  All people contain the same abilities for great love, and equal power to commit evil.  That is just a part of this crazy game called life.

Looks Like Trouble- Tagged

adventure pack
I made my own adventure pack, just in case. I use it in case of danger. Click the image to learn more

by Jonathan Hilton

I thought, “This looks like trouble.” When I saw this tag game going around. I want to participate and yet I have this daily writing prompt to take care of because I am committed. When I was tagged by the illustrious DJMatticus I had no choice to respond. I don’t have time for two posts today, what am I going to do.   (Visit Matticus Kingdom HERE)

I Remember You

Poetry is not something that I have never written much of. One of the great blogs I read, shared a sonnet on Thursday. I am taking the opportunity to write one myself, because I never have and it should be a unique experience. It was an interesting : first I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed rhyming. Secondly I apparently have some unresolved issues inside. I think they are resolving.

dusty room (2)

I Remember You

by Jonathan Hilton

Oh, yes I remember you,

As a deep dark mystery I sought to reveal.

I never found or discovered, what was due,