Word of the Day
Read~           look at and comprehend the meaning of (written or printed matter) by mentally interpreting the characters or symbols of which it is composed.

readAll of us are given a mind and it is up to us the choices we make in order expand the abilities of this tool or we let it wilt away over time.  It is amazing what the mind is capable of. In fact, the ability to read is probably the most powerful skill a person can master. Not only does it improve your imagination and comprehension you have the ability to learn anything at all a book can provide to you.  This relationship to information is far more personal than learning through listening or watching. Reading is an all-encompassing experience with the knowledge that you are dealing with.  To take advantage of this all you have to do is make an effort to find sources with the information you are interested in and read it.  It all begins with a conscious awareness of making an effort to read each day. It becomes a focus in your thoughts, words, and actions and that will change your life for the better.


Encouraging Word of the Day

Improve-make or become better.

ImproveIn every moment that you exist, you are either getting better or you are getting worse.  Rarely does an individual linger on the same level, your abilities, talents, and focus fluctuate like the stock market. The determining factor of which way your personal stock is going will be determined by the focus of your consciousness. The things that you place your thoughts, words, and actions on and about will determine your ability to achieve and value of those things you accomplish. Look at where you are and what you are doing and ask the simple question: Is this making me better or worse?

Be Better Every Day

be betterWhen you look at your life there are going to be goals that you want to reach, mountains you want to climb and mansions that you want to build. You might dream of accomplishing things and imagine the sweet taste of success on your tongue.

Along the way to these accomplishments, our focus gets distracted by what others are doing in their pursuit of their dreams. Sometimes it looks so easy for others and that makes us doubt ourselves, our talents, our ideas and our goals. The thing to remember, I think, is that you are not defined in reference to anyone else, you are only defined by the distance that you have traveled.  If you don’t understand this then you will not value your own uniqueness or recognize your true abilities and that would be a crime. Be a better person than you were before and you win.