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What Are You Talking About?

Every day you have a chance to raise your personal vibration by eliminating some of the negative tones in your conversations that can cause a person to vibrate at a lower level. These things should be no surprise to you at… Continue Reading →

There is A Path

Life has a plan for our lives. That is something that is becoming clearly factual to me. Each of our experiences are brought into our consciousness for a reason and our job is to glean the lesson, understand the content… Continue Reading →

My Shift in Progress

The recent passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer has led me to contemplate some of the thoughts that he provoked in me that led to my own personal growth. One of Dr. Dyer’s projects was called the Shift. The shift was a… Continue Reading →

Your Opportunities For Improvement

Opportunities for improvement  in intellect, action or spirituality are things that exist for us each and every day. I am grateful today that I am able to seek and find improvement in some aspect of my experience of life.  And it goes… Continue Reading →

Build Your Own Ark

The story of Noah has always seemed a bit peculiar to me. A gentleman decides to build a giant boat on dry land and to put a bunch of animals on board. It made no sense and people generally ridiculed him for being… Continue Reading →

My Ripples of Energy

Moving around through a day, most people never stop and consider the influence their mere presence has on those around you. Your mood and the way the you interact with those encountered on your daily journey, will have an effect… Continue Reading →

Time to Start Changing

Sometimes in life you reach the point where things are not working. Clearly there needs to be a change. The decisions that you make at this moment are going to dictate the path that your life is going to take…. Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror, How Do I See Me?

I was thinking about honesty today and wondering why we do the things we do and speak certain words. Am I sincere? Is that really what I think? “I Love  the way you look!” Thoughts come to us all the… Continue Reading →

Look Inside the Stillness

As a younger person,  I often got impatient with what life was bringing. Hurry up! Lets get to the next stage already. Being impatient is one of the shortfalls of youth.  There are patterns in life and each has its purpose,… Continue Reading →

I Am Afraid

FEAR ME “I am afraid. ” There I said it, I admit it. Now  the challenge is for you reading this look at yourself and see how true that statement is for you. Fear is so ingrained in our society that sometimes it… Continue Reading →

We All Are Superman

How Super Are You?  (Hint:Pretty Super) Who hasn’t imagined at some point in their lives that they were a super hero? Of course we all have looked at the super powers of Superman and wondered what life would be like… Continue Reading →

Pain Is a Good Teacher

There are few teachers in my life who have gotten my attention and held on to it quite like pain. When you are in pain there is no escaping the message. Pain is a neurological phenomenon that is vital to let… Continue Reading →

William George Jordan- Must Read

I have read somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 books on various topics involving ideas and practices for improving your life in some way, and one of the first was written by William George Jordan. It is an experience that… Continue Reading →

King Of The Forest

 What have They Got That I Ain’t Got? “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t go anywhere.” –Unknown Like everybody else in life, there have been some times when I have been faced with circumstances that… Continue Reading →

Hug It Out

Why do we hug? What does it mean to people? I was walking through a parking lot the other day and witnessed two young people in the midst of a pretty intense hug. Both were emotional, to the point of… Continue Reading →

Some Interesting Point of Views

What are you sure of in life? What philosophy can you stand behind and not shy away from because you are sure of its validity? We all have some non negotiable items in this cache. The sun will rise, the… Continue Reading →

49 Thoughts on Turning 49

It is time to mark another year of existing on this planet and a trip around the sun. (Song at the bottom) I am excited to have made it this far and am encouraged and looking forward to the adventures that… Continue Reading →

How You Rise

Are You Ready To Rise? by Jonathan Hilton   For a long time I believed that if you created a graph of the activity and thought a person experiences in their life it would inevitably have a wide variety of points…. Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

There can be no more daunting question to answer than to ask yourself who am I ? Then to answer it honestly.  Many people automatically list their job and their family situation, but those are outside influences on who you… Continue Reading →

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