Quotes For a Happy Friday

Quotes for a Happy Friday
Have a Happy Day!

Quotes for a happy Friday. One of the great things about life is that it always shows you situations that challenge you and force you to react.  Quite possibly for you, it is the first time that you have experienced this particular emotion or activity.  The best thing is that almost without exception, someone, somewhere in the history of mankind has had a similar experience and felt exactly how you felt about it.   Even better many of these people wrote their experiences down for you and memorialized their thoughts for eternity, or at least for as long as people have been able to  read.   I wanted to include some inspirational quotes that might help you get through a Friday afternoon, or Saturday, or Sunday or whatever day you choose to read this on.  I am putting them all on here just for you, so enjoy them!

The Wise Taoist Awakes

The wise taoist awakes
The Tao Of Martin

Taoist awakes and for no reason decides to go for a stroll.  He walks for a while, and with his stomach growling, he stops to meditate.  His thoughts are clear as he sits upon a well-used rock.   He “just is” happy because his days are fruitful when the wind takes him to this well-worn path.

In the distance, he spies a Buddhist ascending the cliff that separates the path.  He “just knows” the man follows the ways of the Buddha simply by the route that he chose and the look on his face.  The Taoist meets many types of men on his walks and the Buddhist will say, “My search will not be abandoned at any point in my struggle.”  People often come to the Taoist for his wisdom theTaoist is reluctant to speak.

Words of Wisdom

 Improve Your Outlook with Words of Wisdom

words of wisdomOn this page you will find some quotes that I like, I like to think of them as Words of Wisdom, for myself and any who read them.  I am continually adding to them as I come across new ones that I feel are significant to my own experience, and gladly share them with you.  Hopefully I will provide you with some new quotes to like.  There are so many windows into the lives of those that have gone before us, they have experienced what we are experiencing now, know what we need to know and many of them have saved their quotes for us to enjoy and learn from.  I wanted to share some of the words which I have found helpful over time.   These Inspirational Quotes, I hope will inspire you to follow your dreams to whatever destiny is in front of you.

Top 10 John Wooden Quotes

John Wooden Quotes
Coach Wooden Teaches Lew Alcindor

I find  former UCLA Coach John Wooden quotes particularly inspiring and true.  For teamwork, hard work, leadership, faith or success, you can’t go wrong with looking for some advice from the late, great John Wooden.   First below you will find a top ten list that was released in the Christian Science Monitor of their favorite John Wooden quotes.

Without further ado my top 10 John Wooden Quotes…

10. Failure is not fatal but failure to change might be.

9. Ability is a poor man’s wealth.

Friendship Quotes for Everyday Friends

Some of My Favorite Friendship Quotes

friendship quotes for you
Friendship is ImportantMy Favorite Friendship Quotes

I wanted to publish some friendship quotes that will help you value your friends and enjoy being one.  As you move through life, it can be easy to overlook the value of a true friend. Relationships, move apart, come together and dissolve, and if you are not careful, those friendships will slip away into what used to be.  Often the factors of life, a spouse, children, career, can all combine to make that friendship that you once cherished, fall out of your consciousness and into a memory.  As time moves on, the relationship with that friend will move further into the past.  Eventually, there are so many that you long to see, but alas it is too late to retravel those roads, you took a turn years ago away from that friendship and it seems there is no way that you can’t get back from it. Friendship quotes always remind you that there is a path back.

Rules For Life

Ten-Rules-Of-Life1The following writing contains my current Rules For Life, over the years I have tried to write down guidelines that I have found helpful in finding a balance in life and hopefully becoming a productive, happy person.  They are not absolute, but I find that when I focus on them each day it is easy to identify the good that is happening.

If you don’t Stand For Something,

You Will Fall For Anything

Rules for Life #1

 Be On Time  – It doesn’t take intelligence or skill or talent to be where you say you’re going to be when you say you’re going to be there. Anyone can do it and if something is important to you, you will be on time.

Positive Thinking is Your Decision

positive thinkingThis can be a good day or this can be a bad day, positive thinking will make sure it is a good day.  The decision is yours to make.  Pretty simple isn’t it?  but it is true.  You have total control over what kind of experiences you are going to have simply by how you look at the circumstances you find yourself in. Positive thinking allows you to be hopeful through all sorts of situations.

Improving Your Mind

a-mind-is-a-terrrible-thing-to-waste-reallyEach of us is given a gift at birth called our mind. We spend our lives trying to develop it (or not) and skills that help allow us to experience success in many different phases of life. As we learn it all from the rudimentary activities of function to the most complex ideas, our mind helps us develop goals and make the plans that allow us to achieve them.  Our brain is our best friend and most valuable tool. It is designed to learn and grow and has a nearly limitless capacity to accomplish nearly anything.  There are some simple things that we can do to enhance the process and avoid destroying the potential that our valuable brain possesses. Improving your mind is a full time job.

Creating It All

images“The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.” ― Eric Micha’el Leventhal

You are doing the creating. All of it. The good the bad and the ugly. The thoughts you entertain are going to be dictating your reality. Once they are accepted as beliefs in the subconscious mind, they will become a part of your programming until they are removed or updated.

“The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable. They inspire one with awe.” ~ Napoleon Hill

The Ability to Think

thinkOne of the things that all people can do is think. Some of us do a better job than others at this skill but we all do create thousands of thoughts each and every day. In all of this thought creation, it is fun to look at how the brain actually works. We can only hold one thought in our mind at a time, the tenor of that thought is going to affect us through a chemical reaction in the brain, so how you think can literally affect your health and quality of life.

Life is a Mirror

life is a mirrorLife is a mirror, giving not what you want, but what you are.

This thought has been with me all day. As I am thinking of what I want to write, I am experiencing a conflict that is not that rare. Should I write what I think or write what I think others would like to read? On the surface, it is a simple choice but in the reality, it is a constant battle and it has been going on since I started publishing blogs and letting people read my writing.  However, over time my choice has more and more to write what I think and not worry about what others think of it. It is the only honest thing to do.

Defeating My Worst Enemy

My own worst enemyMy own worst enemy is almost always in my own mind, that voice that tells me I can’t, shouldn’t or couldn’t possibly achieve what I would like to do. This is an outdated survival mechanism left over from childhood it once served a purpose but now only limits my potential.  As I grow older the voice of criticism that I hear and entertain works to destroy my confidence, lower my self-esteem and significantly limit what I am capable of achieving.  it is time to Get rid of that voice or at the least, pay very little attention to what it says. Here are a few of my favorite methods for limiting or eliminating my own worst enemy and learning to listen to positive  self-talk.

Losing Your Phone, Find a Connection

133747The past week has been an eye opening experience for me as I was losing my phone but finding my connection. I did not have access to a phone. As I waited for my phone to be replaced, I had several days where I had no access to other people as I moved about my day. But the bright side was that nobody had access to me either. It was a unique experience that really highlighted our addiction (or at least my addiction) to personalized technology. The process has crept into all parts of our lives and now we scroll around through the mindless posts of Facebook in all of our “down” moments. Life has changed, and with the focus so much on technological devices, I am afraid that many of us are losing our connection to ourselves.

The Dream of Life- Alan Watts

12670219_1556114301082827_991541707486023803_nSome great thoughts by Alan Watts about the dream of life. That all of life is a dream that is getting more and more surprising over time. Each lifetime is a dream and the ending of the dream is unknown and surprising for each person. Each dream goes further and further and then you dream about living the life that you are living today. Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality in your life. We are all that only we are pretending we are not.

New Perspectives by Kyle Cease

new perspectives
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

This is a great video on creating new perspectives from one of survival to a vision of abundance. Kyle Cease is a speaker/comedian who helps people develop their abilities. He believes these perspectives that come from inside us have control over our reality.

Understanding New Perspectives

There are things we love to do and talents we have in order to find our purpose in life.   Overcoming fear is important in our development.  He advocates creativity and imagination in order to overcome the limits that society puts on us. Feel complete as you are and being what you love, there is no fear. Things outside of you do not complete you. 

Write the Story of Your Life

story-of-your-lifeThere is only a short time allotted to each of us to write the story of your life and with that time, we are tasked with a lot of things to accomplish. You have really only one life to get things right and sing the song that you want to sing. Time to get busy finding out what it is that you want to do and what you want to leave behind in the wake of your efforts.  You are the only one who can write the story of your life.

A Little Self Improvement

self improvementOne of the more powerful thoughts  in self improvement is that one can consider is: “We are either getting better or we are getting worse, nobody stays the same”. This is true in all aspects of our lives. In all that you do, either you are becoming more effective or you are becoming less vital. What you pursue matters and it is a simple matter of personal choice how self improvement enters your life.   My three main areas of focus are on the physical, mental and spiritual sides of myself. My goal each day is to become at least 0.001% better than I was yesterday. If I can keep getting better and better than my contribution will grow and my experience will be much more significant.

Overcoming My Fears

My fears
My fears follow me like a ghost.

I often write in generic terms, through which I remove my emotions from the words, which  makes the thoughts clearer for others to understand, but today my connection to the topic is personal, my connection to my fears. Each day there seems to be a different mix of emotions, I move from fear to bravery to fear and back again.  Fear to me is a force we are all learning to deal with but my fears are much more constant and larger than I once believed. Overcoming them is the secret to moving forward in life, or more likely to move forward is overcoming my fears.

Be Different, Make Your Mark

 Be Different
Time to show a little of yourself!! Be Different

Growing up we are all inundated with messages to fit in.  There was nothing worse than to be different from the rest of the crowd. Life was a struggle to continually “be normal” and not to deviate from what society told us we could and should hope to be.  This did not resonate with me, and I was always convinced that there was something wrong with me because of it.  I would sit in class in high school and do my best to follow the expectations but inside feeling this was not right.  Then as an adult moving through college and starting a career, there was always something missing.

Overcoming Fear of Failure

fear of failureWe have all dreamed and attempted to achieve those dreams. At one point in our lives, we have tried to become something or create something and we have failed. Failure is a part of life, a consistent factor in achievement and how quickly that achievement comes will depend on how you react to the failure that you face. It hurts to fail, and the quicker you can overcome that fear of failure, the sooner you can move forward.