Raising My Consciousness ONE word at a Time

Karma– the sum of a person’s actions in this existence, viewed as deciding their fate in the future.

“Life is a  boomerang. What you give you get.” ~ Dale Carnegie

We are all in control of the energy we give to the world each day. It begins with the thoughts we decide to pay attention to in our minds these become the actions we perform and our actions determine what we get back from life.  Like a boomerang the energy, you decide to send out will come back to you, always, inevitably and usually with interest. That’s Karma.  You control the energy in your life by the thoughts you entertain which lead to emotions, which lead to words and lead to actions.  These things determine your karma, are you conscious of them?

Responsiblity and Actions

responsibleI have failed to be responsible in many ways throughout my life. I have been selfish, short-sighted, greedy and petty many times. These experiences have led me to the conclusion that I needed to become responsible not only for my actions in the world but for the energy that surrounded my actions or lack of action.


Increasing My Consciousness one word at a time

Wish- a desire or hope for something to happen

Jiminy Cricket had it right.

Some of my earliest memories are of the stories read to me. In these stories, there were a lot of times the characters would wish for something to happen or for someone to enter their lives. Inevitably these desires would enter their lives. It was a magical thought that if you had a  magic lamp or person in your life that all of your wishes could come true. As most of us know there are no magic lamps in life. At least not any that I have found yet.  Do you wish for things?  Or do you think it’s a waste of time?  Desire or hope for something is not a waste of time, in fact, I think that conscious wishes are valuable, creative and provide direction to your true self.  The power of a wish begins by being aware of your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions when it comes to a wish.


character traitsEvery person contains within them the same capacity for good and evil. Our life experiences and our reaction to them dictate which character traits are dominant in our lives. Knowing that change is always possible is an important factor. If you don’t like a particular aspect of your life then you are capable of changing it by adjusting your focus on things, which will change who you are on the inside.

Your attitude is the most important facet in facilitating positive change in your life and that simply means that you have to understand, believe that you are capable of change and desire to change to a more positive mindset. Know what type of person you want to be and develop those character traits.


Raising my Consciousness one Word at a Time

Giants- an imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size.

giantsWhat if we were all giants? Opportunities exist every day to accomplish goals, take positive actions or to help someone else find what they are looking for in life.  That is something that only a giant can do in this world.  Today, you can become a giant, not in physical stature but in how you look at your life and the lives of others that you interact with.   Becoming a giant is possible when you focus on the thoughts you think, the feelings they produce, the words that result, and the actions that you take.  Today you will be a giant.


PossibilitiesThere are endless possibilities that exist in each new day. So often I look at life and see the obstacles in my way. The reasons why I can’t do what I want, go where I want, or be who I want to be. The barriers have existed since I was born, and they seem to be pervasive and permanent. If I never change my perspective of them then they will always stop me. How do I overcome them? Look at the positive possibilities that exist all around you, they are there.

Happy Times

you deserve to be happyDo you deserve happiness? This is a question that most of us ask either on the conscious or subconscious level and the honest answer we give too often is, NO.  This is a limiting belief that comes with us through our experiences that have taught us to expect less than the best. There is no reason to look at yourself and believe that you don’t deserve happiness. The only thing stopping you from living a happy life are your own negative stories that you tell yourself in your mind. You always have the choice to look at yourself with softer eyes and admit that you deserve to be happy.


Raising My Consciousness One Word at a Time

Standards- a level of quality or attainment.

There is a level of behavior we will accept in any situation. These are our personal standards.  Our standards exist in our relationships, our careers, and ourselves and the level of quality we accept is the level of quality we most often receive.  Today the challenge is to look at the standards you are accepting in all phases of your life.  Is it time to raise the standards of what you expect?  This can only be discovered if you are more conscious of exactly what your standards of behavior are.  It begins by looking at your thoughts, the resulting emotions, the words you use, and the actions that you take consciously every day.  What are your standards?  Are there things you can no longer accept?

Future Focus

forget your historyA limiting belief many people carry around in their mind is “History always repeats.”  As a former history teacher, I know that in the broad scheme of life, general themes in history do repeat themselves. However, this is not a given, it takes a combination of circumstances and choices for any event to occur. This is particularly true in your life, don’t be limited by the concern or fear that events from your past are simply going to play again in your mind. Forget your history.

Fitting In

everyone_fits_in_somewhereYou Fit in So Well

I think that all people at some time have the feeling that they just don’t fit in. It could have been in school, it could be at work or anywhere else in the world. Feeling like you are just too different to find your place  is a common belief but it is one that you should get rid of, right now, because that thought is only limiting you from finding the places where you do fit perfectly.


Increasing My Consciousness One Word at a Time

Word- something that someone says or writes; a remark or piece of information.

wordOne of the three things I think you have to focus on in order to raise your level of consciousness is the words you use every day.  Word use is important to the actions that you take, and the feelings, thoughts, and actions you create in others. How you speak can make someone more confident and empowered or it can destroy someone’s confidence and abilities just as easily.  Today I am putting your focus on each word you use today.  Is it helpful? Is it harmful? What exactly is the purpose of your thought?  It all begins with looking at your thoughts,  which lead to your words, and of course, lead to feelings and actions in your life.   Most importantly, let’s look at your words.

Positive Mindset

Creating positive mindsetThings To Consider when Creating a Positive Mindset

Each and every word we use has an energy attached to it and impacts the lives of all that hear it. Too often we use our words without a consideration of how they will affect others. Words are the building blocks used to build our mindset either positive or negative. Our words radiate around and within us long after they are spoken. It is important that all people are vigilant in noticing the charge of our words and the thoughts behind them. Focusing on speaking positively will allow us to create a more positive mindset. This will make life a happier and more enjoyable experience.

Don’t Keep Us Separated

What invisible walls separate you from others?
What invisible walls separate you from others?

Many problems come from the illusion of separation that people have been taught throughout life. Almost from birth, we are taught to group people and label them based on arbitrary measures. Separation by race, religion, region, economics or any other measure is designed to create an identity but they only serve to build walls between people. Security is a big reason for this, where you fit in, you are safe, but later it can be attached to  a person’s self-worth, and value.  We are not separate, we are connected. The truth is that we are far more connected than we are different. Eliminate the separations between us and the world will be a much more functional place.


Increasing My Consciousness One Word at a time 

Obstacle-  a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.

All people have goals and dreams. That is a part of being human. Achieving these things comes with a varying degree of difficulty.  Sometimes it comes easy but others it is a much longer journey.  No matter how difficult or hard the trip there are four main obstacles stopping people from experiencing their dream’s completion.  Each of these things can derail you and stop you from achieving what you want and to be conscious of each one in your thoughts, words, and actions will help you see the obstacle in your path and stop it from preventing your progress as a person.

8 Lessons

lessons learnedIt is only natural to look back and reflect on the events of the year and place meaning with them. There are both positive and negative things that occur in a life, but there is always a lesson to be learned. There were many of these over the past year, some big and some small but all significant.


goal settingHow many times have you allowed the opinions of others limit your potential?

When I think of the wonderful people who I meet each day, I find myself being awestruck by the potential success that exists in all people that they can’t see in themselves. It is like looking at Michael Jordan who doesn’t realize that he is a great basketball player.  Greatness exists within everyone in one form or another and learning to listen to your heart and following your interests is all it takes to start to see this.

Empty Space

empty space inside of you
What do you fill the empty space inside of you with?

We each have space inside of us that exists for us to fill with all of the things that matter in our lives. From birth until we leave this experience people make decisions about what exactly is going to fill their empty space most enjoyable. All of the things we pay attention to and the actions that you take fill that space. As we grow older the decisions about the space are going to be more important. Things that filled our space when we were 20 years old, no longer seem to fit and fall away. Events that filled our space are over and in order for new experiences and things to get in we have to let things fall away from us and move comfortably into the past. What is in your space that you should let go of? What should you keep?


Raising My Consciousness One Word at a Time

Curiosity– a strong desire to know or learn something.

there are a lot of conflicting thoughts on curiosity. Some embrace it, some fear it, others discourage it. But to me, all of the best learners and innovators have a healthy dose of curiosity in their being.  It provides them the motivation to seek the answers solving the problems we have every day. I think we should be as curious as children, always seeking new learning, because it is always there. Learn to cultivate your curiosity and wonder about everything and you will never be bored.  It all begins with the consciousness you have around curiosity. The thoughts you entertain lead to the words you speak, and the actions you take.  Curiosity will allow you to move in new directions and experience new things.


512566070029080548_1356144434Bad days happen. We fall down, we make mistakes, and things fall apart. That is life, but it has been my observation that the people who move swiftly through these mishaps and enjoy the positive side of life have developed habits that are worth emulating.  It is easy to let negativity creep into our lives as we live day to day, but consciously focusing our thoughts on the positives that exist in life will provide value where it seems that none really exists.  Being in love with your life during each minute is the secret to happiness. Accepting the bitter with the sweet.


Increasing My Consciousness one Word at a Time

Determination-firmness of purpose; resoluteness.

People set out on many journeys in life. Our determination dictates how far the journey is going to take us.   All start with a hopeful confidence. All are going to face challenges that will help decide the direction a journey is going to move in.  Sometimes things get tough and you can’t continue. The bottom line is that when it comes to your goals and dreams, the determination you carry in your heart is the number one factor in reaching a successful conclusion or not. Determination is a quality that is in each of us, and it needs to be used to be effective.  It all starts with looking at our thoughts, words, and actions when it comes to completing our goals.