Time to Dance

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”  ~Wayne Dyer- Enjoy Life

enjoy lifeEnjoyment and being happy are things that seem to be harder to find for many people as they get older. Many live simply to survive from day to day, but there should be a deeper calling to participate in experiences that bring us joy, happiness, and contentment. It seems many people are spending a whole lot of time becoming good at making fun activities, not that enjoyable at all. These folks have a genius for supplying the all-encompassing wet blanket to any activity. Why is it that people are so good at looking for ways to make fun activities, not able to enjoy life at all?  Life is a dance and we each have our own way of moving around the floor.

Potential of Today

f405364503cdebb61939dfa03ddd1ad5Each day we are given a new opportunity to create greatness both in the world we live in and in our personal lives. It seems that as we embark on our daily adventure it can be derailed most often by our own limiting thoughts and fear based behavior. I wonder what would happen if we were able to fully grasp the magic that is available in each and every day and make life the grand show it was meant to be.

Appreciate The Flip Side

the flip side of lifeOnce I looked at life and only wanted the good things in my experience.  I think everyone would feel the same way, no sadness, no loss or grief, just happy things that are easy to deal with, yet we all know that life is not going to come as easily as that.  We all must go through some difficult times and I think that is OK because you will never appreciate the good in life unless there is the opposite aspect to compare it to. There is always a flip side.


Word of the Day

Learn-gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

LearnDay to day we are striving for enjoyment and understanding. No matter what our age is there needs to be a focus on what you can learn to make your life a better more enjoyable experience.  People are too often satisfied with their knowledge base and never think there is anything else they could or would ever want to learn.  This is a limiting mindset in all areas of life, personal and professional.  You will never know it all, but you can always try to learn it all.  Each day is a possibility to learn something new.  Focus your consciousness on what you can learn today in your thoughts, words, and actions. There is always something for you to pick up or try.  So don’t be too limited in what you do. Gain or acquire knowledge or skills today and make your life more enjoyable and productive.

Interesting Point of View

Interesting Point of View
Interesting Point of View

What are you sure of in life? What philosophy can you stand behind and not shy away from because you are sure of its validity? We all have some non-negotiable items in this cache. The sun will rise, the sun will set. Life is fleeting. You must work hard to be successful. The government is looking out for your best interest. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. There are many points of view which are considered by people constant, unshakable and permanent fixtures in life and creators of our reality. Yet in reality, they are only interesting points of view that you can choose to believe or discard as you see fit.


Encouraging word of the day

Learn-gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

One of the most powerful gifts we can have as human beings is the ability to learn. This is a process that we should continue throughout our lives because of the benefits the process provides the individuals experiencing it.  You are never too old or too smart to learn something new.  Make new things your learn today part of your consciousness in thought, word and action.

Looking at Your Beliefs

limiting beliefs
What beliefs are limiting you today?

Have you noticed that the beliefs that you cling to and carry around inside determine what your experience in life is going to be?

Over  the past 10 years, I started to look at my core beliefs and have found that my programming had left me with a raft of limiting beliefs that were determining just what the outcomes of many of my experiences were going to be.

I have been carrying around a lot of things that are silly, self-defeating, demeaning and just plain wrong.  It was under these conditions that I determined to see if I couldn’t change them a bit, because as I saw it until they were different nothing was going to change.

Happy Thanksgiving To You

thanksgiving-high-definition-hd-wallpaper-desktopIt is Thanksgiving 2015 and another year is slowly winding to its inevitable end, of over spending and stress. Yet Thanksgiving always gives me pause to remember the people who I have been fortunate to know over the course of time. As I was working out this morning I was trying to think of all the people who have touched my life in a positive way. From people I have met through some experience in my life, growing up, high school, college, work life, or one of the many who I see in the course of my life at the places I frequent, or on the internet through blogging, all of you have made an impact on me and I am grateful that I know you.

Are You Truly Living

What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

truly living
Are you truly living?

by Jonathan Hilton

All people are going to answer this question differently depending on where they are in their life.  To me being alive is a fact of nature, and enjoying life and living for a purpose is truly living.  But how do you enjoy life?

Other people will answer this very differently.    It only takes a few visits to any number of blogs to experience the wide variety of philosophies and beliefs that exist.

Now is the Time, Make It Count


time is now
What Time do you have?

by Jonathan Hilton

It is so easy to get lost in thought, lost in thoughts about your past and what you should have done.  Your mind can transport you effortlessly to those moments where you perceive that you were really happy, unlike your experience today.