Appreciate The Flip Side

the flip side of lifeOnce I looked at life and only wanted the good things in my experience.  I think everyone would feel the same way, no sadness, no loss or grief, just happy things that are easy to deal with, yet we all know that life is not going to come as easily as that.  We all must go through some difficult times and I think that is OK because you will never appreciate the good in life unless there is the opposite aspect to compare it to. There is always a flip side.

Bohemian Rhapsody Photograph

Nostalgic Music Month Day 24

Queen by Jon Hilton

The source of many a nightmare. Thanks Queen.

Today I choose the music of Queen and the late great Freddie Mercury.  Not only does their music stand the test of time, it also takes me back to the late 1970’s and 80’s. They are also responsible for some of my greatest nightmares as a kid because the album cover of the killer robot scared the crap out of me. But eventually, I was able to get over my fear and just enjoy the music and receive the message.  Queen created songs that were motivational and moving. If you don’t like Queen then you don’t like good things in life. You need to readjust your priorities or the killer robot is going to get you.