Now or Never

If not now, then when?

if not now then when jonathan hilton
The question that can launch a thousand ships

by Jonathan Hilton- Day 15

Many times there is something that we have been meaning to do that we continually put off until tomorrow because of the potential consequences.

Or the fact that there is change involved and change is a scary thing because nobody really can guarantee you that whatever you are looking to do will in fact be better than what you have already.

This is enough to stop many adventurous people from pursuing an avenue of change, but should it?

Are You Truly Living

What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

truly living
Are you truly living?

by Jonathan Hilton

All people are going to answer this question differently depending on where they are in their life.  To me being alive is a fact of nature, and enjoying life and living for a purpose is truly living.  But how do you enjoy life?

Other people will answer this very differently.    It only takes a few visits to any number of blogs to experience the wide variety of philosophies and beliefs that exist.