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Soul Searching Begins

Soul Searching Questions
Soul Searching Questions

What is important you in life? What is life all about? Why are you here? There are so many questions that we ask about life and our place in it that I thought it was time for some answers. These great questions will help you understand your own thoughts in this area. I have tried to answer each according to my own conscience. Only you can answer these 25 questions for yourself.  

What Choice or Free Will?


Making-Choices-At-Cross-Roads-represents-Free-Will-Arriving-at-a-Cross-Road-represents-destinyI have often wondered if there is really such a thing as free will or are we just following predetermined cosmic paths created for us to experience.

Constantly people are faced with challenges and situations which always give them a key experience or understanding that they need to accomplish a goal or create something that never could have been accomplished without it.  Did you make choices about your actions or was it your destiny?

How Great I Am

How Great I am Muhammad Ali
How Great I am!

by Jonathan Hilton

There are many motivating things that I have come across over that past two years, and one of the most motivating people of the last half of the 20th century has been Muhammad Ali, championship boxer.

Not because he was a great boxer, but because he transcended boxing and provided inspiration that can be applied to every day life.

It doesn’t really matter what your goals are or what you really want to accomplish, if you believe in yourself like Ali did, you will have an excellent chance of achieving your goals.  I publish his affirmations with a sense of pride, because I know “How Great I Am.”

Close To Home

by Jonathan Hilton

Watch the stars, they are speaking to your soul.

Search the Sky for ANSWERS.

The lights are a delightful distraction.

The Truth will always become clear.

No matter how far away answers or stars are, 

the search will always and has always ended,

inside of you all along, and forever. 

close to home
The wonder of distance leads to the reality of closeness, where all answers lie.

That reality can be upsetting and cause great anger,

You can fight if you like, with words and emotions.

Struggle and push with all you have.