Toward the Positive


everything you do matters
All of your actions and thoughts determine your experience.

Looking back on my life, it has become clear a vast array of things exist that I was never taught to think about. Clearly, there were lessons that needed to be taught I missed out on.  As a young man, I lived life with no real consideration for the impact of my actions or thoughts on the big picture. I had no Idea of the value they could provide or the influence that they might have in my own unique existence.

Power of Positive Thinking

positive thinking One of the peculiar aspects of this human experience is that the content of our thoughts seem to dictate what happens in our lives. That is the power of positive thinking. The thoughts we have about ourselves and others determine how happy we are, how fulfilling our relationships are and how we affect all those we come in contact with. The thoughts we give our attention to will dictate our emotional outlook. Dwelling on the negative thoughts such as jealousy, envy, fear, or judgment will inject your life with negatives. Whereas focusing on positive thoughts of acceptance, kindness, understanding and love the result will be emotions and feelings that are positive. Our thoughts are a direct cause for our emotional state. We are in control of the thoughts we entertain at any moment, completely and without question. Your thoughts and attitude dictate the reality of your life. Positive thinking is a choice of which thoughts you focus on.


positive thought“Every good thing begins with one positive thought.” ~Bryant Mcgill

What small positive thought are you having right now that could lead to any number of good things? Our thoughts remind me of making snowballs when I was young. You start with a small round ball that easily fits in the hands of the smallest of children. Then you put it on the snow and start to roll it along. The ball will grow, in size as long as you can find the power to push it along.  Soon you have created a snowball that is so big it is difficult to pick up.  That is the way of out thoughts, as we move them around they collect more of the same positive energy that formed it and soon your little thought has transformed into an action, which can be duplicated by others and soon it can’t be stopped. You are the potential catalyst for all good things that happen in the world.

A Positive Mind

You Can’t Have a Positive Life with a Negative Mind – Unknown

positive-life-negative-mindOur thoughts are the most important thing that we create.  Every day there is a non-stop production of thought coming from our minds and we are subject to the powers of the ones we pay attention to.  In life, if we are truly looking to live in a positive manner than we have to learn to pay attention to the positive thoughts and let all the negative ones go.