Three Lies


Ego-False Self
Which would you rather be?

We all have an ego. It feeds us information about ourselves and life that isn’t true. In fact, the majority of thoughts the ego creates are stem from fear and are designed to keep you from making ANY changes.  Here are some popular lies your ego creates for you each day. If you do nothing else at least look at your thoughts objectively and see if they are in your best interest or not.

Escape Your Limits

personal growth
These walls are built when we are young and live in our minds as limiting beliefs.

Look around you and see what is there to stop you from achieving personal growth. As I examine the life that I am living I see things that appear to limit what I can accomplish. There are walls, both literally and figuratively around me, that make taking some actions seem difficult to nearly impossible.  The excuses of life are used, one on top of another, each with their own fear.  Unfortunately, it seems that once you start to accept limits in one area of life they will creep into all parts of your life and stop you from not only being your best, but also accomplishing your worthwhile goals and dreams. Don’t be discouraged, the exciting thing is that if you look inside yourself there is an answer. It is the strength and courage to accomplish great things. You have to believe in yourself and doing this is the best kind of personal growth.

Taking Action

“Knowing is not enough, we must APPLY. Willing is not enough, we must do.” ~Bruce Lee

How many times in your life have you thought you had it all figured out? The secret to wealth, fame, and fortune was all yours and all you had to do was accept it. Yet somewhere we stop short of taking action on our dream, as we allow our potepersonal developmentntial to float away like a solitary red balloon floating away on a summer breeze. It fades slowly into the sky and leaves behind nothing but the smokey emptiness of what might have been. It is time that you took responsibility for your own life and what becomes of your dreams because without your choice to apply yourself and dedicate your complete being to making your future the place that you want to live in it most likely won’t happen. Personal development is all about taking concentrated, motivated actions toward your goals.

The Power of Imperfection

There is a Strength in knowing Your Weakness

grace, power, weaknessAll people have to face that fact: they are not perfect.  Our lives are infected by personal shortcomings and weaknesses of all sorts.  These imperfections may be physical, spiritual, emotional, financial or in any aspect of our experience.  The secret to enjoying life despite these shortcomings is to fully explore, and embrace each and every one of them. Personal growth can only come from understanding.

Don’t Hide from Imperfections

For myself, I see weakness each and every day. Each day I am confronted with situations that either reveal or specifically highlight some glitch in my personal makeup.  There are clear choices

Every Day Improvement

improvementsOpportunities for improvement in intellect, action or spirituality are things that exist for us each and every day. I am grateful today that I am able to seek and find improvement in some aspect of my experience of life.  And it goes without saying but YOU can too! We just have to be conscious about the things we want to change and then make choices that allow us to move in the right direction.

We just have to be conscious about the things we want to change and then make choices that allow us to move in the right direction.