My Curriculum

If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

564232_438576869504774_929540821_nPresented with the opportunity to teach anything I wanted, and assuming that anyone wanted to learn, there is no doubt that I would try to teach a few of the things I have learned from life that I think are important.

 There were many important things that I never really considered early on in life, which has proven to be invaluable and nearly vital knowledge today.

 These lessons may not be mind blowing but I think they are important for you to be all that you want to be in life.  Whether you think they have a place in your life or not is up to you.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Love this Card featured on the Simpson's
Love this Card featured on the Simpson’s

So here it is Valentine’s Day 2013.  I initially was going to rant about how this day is not about love and only about how much money a person has to spend to adequately show their love to another.  That this isn’t actually a holiday at all, but a manufactured event of greeting card companies to sell more greeting cards between Christmas and Easter.  But that is just being miserable for the sake of being miserable so I decided to focus on what the focus should be on this day, LOVE.