It Matters

Everything  Matters

All Choices Matter
Your Choices Matter

I have found this one fact pervasive throughout my life, EVERYTHING we do matters when it comes to our happiness and enjoyment of life.

Every decision that you make throughout every day of you life is a contributor to the essence of your existence.  Each decision you make to support someone or to knock someone down will be reflected in your own are clues everywhere, and you might be able to figure it out, but it would have been so much easier if someone had just sat me down and told me the way things worked.  This piece is designed for this,  if it informs one person, if it makes one mind think,  then it is definitely worth it.



Everyone feel like this sometime
Everyone feel like this sometimes

For many people, including myself, there are times in life where we are not sure what to do next.  A new situation confronts us, we have to move left or tack right, something is headed right for us! What do we do?

Now for me, either because of the way I was brought up or because I am just a very stubborn person asking anyone for help or advice is almost always out of the question because, it would reveal to the world, gasp,  “I don’t know everything.”

My Deep Thought Notebook

by Jonathan Hilton

My current colorful, deep thought notebook!
My current colorful, deep thought notebook!

I am not sure what other people do with their thoughts. I mean the one’s that make you adjust in your seat and know that there is power boiling there.

The potential seed that could grow into some potentially awesome writing, or a gadget the world has never seen before and may never experience if I don’t record it quickly and accurately.  I often get hit with ideas from sources I experience every day and spend my time trying to record them in my almost magical, brightly colored, deep thought notebook.

Happy Birthday Helen

Helen Vinal Hilton
Say Happy Birthday To the Greatest Grandmother In History

Today is March 2, 2016, which is not just another day on the calendar, it is the day that my grandmother, Helen Vinal Hilton was born. She would have been 96 this year.

I am sure that most people think great things about their grandmothers, I was fortunate to have two great ones, and to have a positive relationship with both.

Now they have both passed away, there are certain times when their memory comes to my mind more strongly than others, March 2 is one of those days for me.

Tranquil Dreams Visits Life of Jonathan

by Jonathan Hilton

A Great Visit

This world of blogging is a strange world indeed. You read blogs, leave comments and begin to feel like you actually know the people you are talking with.  Yesterday I had the great

Kim (left) of Tranquil Dreams visited the Life of Jonathan the other day. It was awesome.
Kim (left) of Tranquil Dreams visited the Life of Jonathan the other day. It was awesome.

fortune of actually meeting one of my blog friends in person and to make them an actual friend.

Jefferson Writing Project Success

by Jon Hilton

This is what I looked like at Jefferson Village School, circa 1980.
This is what I looked like at Jefferson Village School, circa 1980.

It was a few short weeks ago that MY COHORT  and I embarked on the Jefferson Writing Project.  We didn’t know where the winds would blow our thoughts but we knew that each day they would be published on our blogs.

My friend’s name is Hope and we talked at the beginning of February and she wanted to do more writing but had some writing blocks and motivational issues. I suggested a mutual writing project.  She agreed and we made up some simple rules.  I am not a big rules guy because who needs limits on our creativity.

My Next Step

by Jonathan Hilton

Click Image to say HI to Raimy-D. She has an entourage and wears jewelry like a rapper. But she is great!

One of my favorite people in the blogisphere is my friend Raimy-D(  She spends her time dreaming up stuff for me and others to try to experience. I am two activities behind but I am making an effort to do this one in real-time and let the chips fall where they will. I will take a lot of positive thinking to get this done.

Chicken or Egg

Egg or Chicken, Chicken or Egg?????????

The Matticus Kingdom’s first ever Tug of War

A fantastically fabulous blogger from a magical kingdom has come up with a great idea to challenge the masses, a tug of war.

Always up for a challenge I accept wholeheartedly. The inaugural question was what came first, the chicken or the egg?

This was a softball to me, because of my rudimentary understanding of biology and evolution.  The world has my excellent experience in the public education system of the 1970’s and 80’s to thank for this detailed answer.

What is in the Box?

by Jonathan Hilton

The old box in the attic
The old box in the attic

It had been years since I had ventured into that attic   As I climbed the rickety pull down ladder my face was greeted with a musty, dusty smell and the cold air that stabbed my cheeks reminding me of the winter weather outside.  As my body became fully engulfed by the cold I tried to make it a quick visit. I was looking for my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird,  when something caught my eye.