Raising Consciousness One Word at a Time

Think-direct one’s mind toward someone or something; use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas.

We are given a great tool when we are born, that is the ability to think. Yet so often we waste the power of our thought on things that are petty, unproductive, and selfish.  The mind is capable of so much good when focused in the right direction. Nothing has ever been created in the world that did not exist in someone’s mind first. It is through the power of their thought that turned whatever it is into reality.  Look around you and see furniture, lights, fire extinguishers, chairs, or whatever else you see. They were nothing until someone thought them into being.  So today I challenge you to focus on how you think.  A person becomes what they think about all day.  And of course this one definitely begins with how you think, what you say, and the actions you take.


Word of the Day

Imagine-Form a mental image or concept of. 

Children, when left to their own devices are able to imagine deeply, fully and amazingly. Their power to look at the world and create a mental image that only exists in their mind is amazing.  Unfortunately, as we grow up, we develop too much sense and forget how to imagine anything outside of our daily reality.  It is little wonder that so many people are unhappy and feel desperate about life and their existence in it. Today I am asking you to look at what you imagine on a daily basis.  Do you see what your life might be? Do you see places that you would like to go?  Treasures you want to amass? Love you want to experience?  Imagination is a powerful tool in helping all people create great things.  Be conscious of your imagination or lack thereof today.  In your thoughts, words, and actions today have an awareness of what is real and what you imagine.

Why Worry?

Mr. Worry Knows no worrying will really help anything.

Why is Worry A Waste of Time?

It is difficult to stop your mind from thinking about bad things that might happen.  When you really look at what you are thinking, much of it is based on thoughts that are untamed, repetitive and based entirely on fear.  These are the worries that keep you up at night but have no chance of really occurring.

But yet we worry on.  But there are some people who seem to have a built-in mechanism that allows them to release these negative thoughts before they settle into their brain and create another wrinkle or make you physically ill.  because in the end, that is all that worry will ever do for you.

Seeking Yourself

It’s Tough To Find Quiet Today

Seek Moments of Solitude
No Man is an Island

by Jonathan Hilton Day 65

As our society has evolved to produce more and more entertainment for people to enjoy, the moments available for actual individual, creative thought have become few and far between.

I know that personally, there were times where I was entertained during every moment of my free time.  It was common to turn the television on  immediately when I got home to add noise to a quiet house, to having music playing all night long to, “help me sleep”, it was a non-stop bombardment of my senses that was actually distracting me from engaging in any original thought at all.

What is in the Box?

by Jonathan Hilton

The old box in the attic
The old box in the attic

It had been years since I had ventured into that attic   As I climbed the rickety pull down ladder my face was greeted with a musty, dusty smell and the cold air that stabbed my cheeks reminding me of the winter weather outside.  As my body became fully engulfed by the cold I tried to make it a quick visit. I was looking for my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird,  when something caught my eye.