Do You Really Think So?

thouths matterAre you aware that everything we think and do matters?  This is not something that I knew all my life and it is a concept that I think everyone should contemplate at least a little each day.  When you are looking at your life experiences and wondering why you are where you are, look back at your thoughts, choices and actions of the past and there will be a direct connection to the path that you are on right now.

12 Step Formula for Happiness

Want to be Happy?

Parents-can-only-give-good-advice-or-putMost people would love to live a happy life but find that the process of living life is stopping happiness from happening. Life challenges you with situations that force you to grow and learn. Happiness comes from within, building an acceptance of events and situations and knowing that they are meant to teach you something. Whether you enjoy the process is up to you.  Here are some things you can do to become happier with life today.

1. Never Forget You Are Great

You are great
You Are Great!

The first thing that I would want them to know is that they are great, powerful and they can do anything that they want to accomplish.

Into The Wild Film-Courage or Foolishness

Alexander Supertramp, Chris McCandless

Into The Wild Film

“I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!”

— Chris McCandless’ journal from Alaska

The other day I happened to come across this movie called Into The Wild.  I had no idea what it was about or that it was based on a “true” story.  I started watching it and there seemed to be a lot of problems for this kid, Chris McCandless growing up, the movie portrays his parents as not so nice people and because of this, he was propelled to give up his identity, his money and hike off across the country to find some inner truth.  Two things struck me about this movie as I watched it.  First, either this kid was out of his tree crazy, or he was brilliant and had a large supply of courage. Into the WildTravel Biographies & Memoirs)