Winds of Change

winds of changeThe most powerful constant in life is the experience of change. We try to ignore it, and if things are going well we resist change, but inevitably and continually change is occurring all the time and how we deal with the changes that we face will define our life experience.  Change doesn’t have to provide a painful experience, it is our attachments to what is that causes the pain.  By Allowing changes to enter our lives rather than fight against them will determine your happiness.


Encouraging Word of the Day

Change-1. make or become different. 2. take or use another instead of.

Change is a force that all people are dealing with from the moment they are born until the minute they die. it is inevitably happening all around us. Learning to handle change in a constructive way is one of the most valuable life skills a person can develop because it will be put to use continually and make your life a much more enjoyable experience.  Change comes like the tide in the ocean and you can spend your energy fighting it, or be working with it.  Be conscious of change in your life today in thoughts, words, and actions.

Fear or Love

To fear or to love?

You May Disagree
You May Disagree

All situations in life can be broken down into a simple choice. Will you think and act out of fear? Or will you think and act out of love?

I believe that EVERYTHING you think will make a difference in your life.  I believe this because of a lifetime of experience and entertaining the wrong types of thoughts.  Basically, I lived much of my life under the influence of fear but have chosen to make a change and look at things with thoughts of love.

Change is Coming


How I often approach change. It can be scary!
How I often approach change. It can be scary! I need to perfect the art of laughing!

There is little in life as frustrating as change. It comes along in life whether we want it or not and forces us to do something other than what we have been doing, whether we are ready to stop doing it or not.

Most people if not all people have at least a passing disdain for change and I think there are good reasons for this, yet I think we also all are well aware that change provides positives we need. How to deal with this mystery of inevitable and painful movement from one phase of life to another? That is the inevitable question.

Grateful for Change

leaves change and so do we
A picture I took at a random location of the fall foliage.

 The lessons that nature teaches us are on display all around us each and every day.  All we have to do is listen and being fortunate enough to live in an area the has a distinct four seasons, I am lucky to experience these changes and I am grateful for it.

The Climb to Fame

Nostalgic Music Month Day 26

David Bowie by Jon Hilton

It would be hard to have a nostalgic music month and not include the decades of creative power the late great David Bowie has provided to the soundtrack of our lives. He had a shock value in the 70’s, which was really before my time, but in the 1980’s he was a part of the MTV video era that introduced me to his music and made me pay attention to his music in more depth. Like with all of these artists it is difficult to choose just a few songs, so I did the best that I could.

No Solid Situation

Change Your LifeEach day we are given a snapshot of life, a moment to inhale and then let go. These moments seem like they are painted in pictures or carved in granite, to be observed and enjoyed later at our leisure.

This is fortunate because those we love, leave and these memories are all that is left us. Nothing in life is permanent.  These moments of quick reflection work to remind us of the past, but understand that growth will come only when you accept them as being over and move forward and that will change your life. We all carry a museum full of images and memories but they are not relevant and real today because we are changing, and our minds must change as well.

Accepting Change In Life

” The only thing that is constant is change.” ~Heraclitus~ Accepting Change

Accepting changeThere are many ways that change occurs in our lives. Sometimes it is quick and jarring leaving trauma and drama in its wake. These are the changes that make you change the way that you live. Nothing will ever be the same. But more often, change is like a dripping faucet, as each drop slowly accumulates you never notice until the thing that once was one way, is now totally another.  Change is happening to us all each day and Heraclitus was right, it is one of the constants we can always rely on. All we can do is work on our ability to accept change.