No News. Is Good News!

stop watching the news
Give it a shot, stop watching. What do you have to lose but fear?

I am tremendously grateful for a conscious decision I made  about four years ago to stop watching the national news and leaving the fear mongering and celebrity worship behind.

I don’t seem to be missing out on anything positive and am just as informed as I always have been, but the real benefit is the fact that I have not been subject to the consistent stream of negativity that comes from any of the national news outlets.  I think  this enables me to be happier on a daily basis.

Three Lies


Ego-False Self
Which would you rather be?

All of us have an ego. It tells us things about ourselves and about life that aren’t true. In fact, the majority of thoughts your ego creates are based on fear and designed to keep you from making any changes in your life.  Here are some of the lies that your ego feeds you each day. If you do nothing else at least look at your thoughts objectively and see if they are in your best interest or not.