Word of the Day

Dream – contemplate the possibility of doing something or that something might be the case.

DreamA human mind is an incredible tool. Not only can it process billions of things each day, it also can help to create the desired images of the future, and it does this through dreams.  Everything that was ever created or achieved started as a dream in someone’s mind and then became a reality through the pursuit of the possibility that dream presents.  What are the dreams that you are creating today? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? What do you want to be?  The first step to answering all of these things is to start by dreaming. So be conscious today of how your thoughts, words, and actions are leading to or away from your dreams.

Looking at Your Beliefs

limiting beliefs
What beliefs are limiting you today?

Have you noticed that the beliefs that you cling to and carry around inside determine what your experience in life is going to be?

Over  the past 10 years, I started to look at my core beliefs and have found that my programming had left me with a raft of limiting beliefs that were determining just what the outcomes of many of my experiences were going to be.

I have been carrying around a lot of things that are silly, self-defeating, demeaning and just plain wrong.  It was under these conditions that I determined to see if I couldn’t change them a bit, because as I saw it until they were different nothing was going to change.

Breaking The Rules

I’m a Rule Breaker

As a human being living on the Earth, you are constantly bombarded with warnings from the time you are born, until the time your life here is done.  People tell you the rules, clearly and with very little gray area, what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Some were designed to keep you physically safe, but many were designed to keep you from being original, or standing out in any way.

The Dream of Life- Alan Watts

12670219_1556114301082827_991541707486023803_nSome great thoughts by Alan Watts about the dream of life. That all of life is a dream that is getting more and more surprising over time. Each lifetime is a dream and the ending of the dream is unknown and surprising for each person. Each dream goes further and further and then you dream about living the life that you are living today. Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality in your life. We are all that only we are pretending we are not.


All the possibilities in the world are open to you today. There are dreams to pursue and make come true. Go for it!

why not

I have encountered  a lot of people who spend their time loudly and definitively  telling themselves and all who will listen,  why someone should not be attempting to chase a dream. Why they shouldn’t follow their innermost desire or pursue a goal that seems to be an integral part of themselves and their destiny.

Always a Choice

What do we all have in common that makes us human?

diffent the same

No matter where you are living or what you do to survive, life always boils down to the choices we make. From who you choose as friends to how responsible you are, it is all decided with a conscious decision on your part. We all have the ability to choose what we experience.

 Many people have a hard time accepting responsibility for these choices in their lives but if you look at yourself honestly and in an unbiased fashion, you will see the power your choices have had on the success or failure in your life.