If you could experience true love for only a week of your life would it be worth it?

by Jonathan Hilton Day 36

love worth livingSometimes life seems to be full of things that are dichotomous to experience. Both bitter and sweet to the senses and often times we have to make a decision if they are worth it or not.

 Love is one of these experience in life. There are so many positive things to it but in the end you have to wonder is it really worth it?  Wouldn’t the time be better spent developing a talent or learning to fly a kite or something?

 The answer I give in the final analysis is based on the weight of the measure of the positive power of love against the angst and pain that remain when for whatever reason love ends. That is the dilemma this question asks you to solve.

The Power of Love

There is nothing that can make you feel as good as being in love. The connection that you have with one other person which allows you to know that there is something unique and special inside of you that someone else appreciates.

love All of you flaws are overlooked for a moment and the positive ingredients that make you who you are,  seem to be enough, like shining jewels in you soul that are invisible to everyone else.

There is nothing more important than spending time with that person you love.  Hours are condensed to moments and moments are non-stop fun, interest and your heart actually hurts when you are apart.  There is a counting of the moments until you are together again.

 Someone’s love for you is very powerful and can allow you to grow and accomplish things together that apart would be impossible.  Love has the power to make you unbelievably happy and when you appreciate that you live in the moment like at no other time in your life.

The Price you Pay

There is a significant cost that you sometimes pay for love however, for no good thing comes for free or without risk.  Love is so precious that many times we start to let fear of losing your love creep in and start to destroy the positives you feel.  Jealousy is one of the major culprits.

When you are afraid of losing your love then jealousy arises. It can be based on absolutely love we deservenothing, or on something from your past or any irrational fear, but once jealousy starts to creep in, love seems to be much harder to maintain.  Envy, anger, doubt, inferiority and ego also come with this package, but the culprit is fear. I don’t think you fall out of love as much as you fall into fear.

These negative emotions cause you to lose your empathy for that person you loved and once that is gone, there is no longer any love.

Once love is lost, there is no cure for the pain that you feel other than the calming salve of time. That does not do you any good when you are alone, can’t sleep and you miss the thing that made you so happy.

There is a hole in your soul that may in time be closed or perhaps it will just sit there, neither healing or being fatal to your existence. Just bearing a constant reminder of what once was and now is gone.  Is that pain really worth it when it comes to love?  When you just want to find a way to be normal, to find your worth again. To feel that special again.

Totally Worth It

True-love-is-always-worth-love-quotesI admit freely that in my past, I had totally given up on love and the fact that it could ever provide anything but pain and anguish in the end. Yet I know that there is a hope that love will rise and those feelings will come with it.

The idea that no better way to spend a day than talking about whatever it is that the one your love is interested in.   Life is a game that was designed to be played by pairs of people to be most effective.

Love makes this possible. With the power, the craziness, the mess, the loss, the happiness, the sadness, the fear, the jealousy, the joy, the anguish, the euphoria, the pain is all worth it. I would do it for a week, if that is all I was allowed to have.

I know I am a better person for those I loved truly and carry those victories and defeats happily in my heart!  If I was only allowed that kind of love for one day it would definitely be worth it. Life would be much less if I had never had her head on my shoulder or held her hand just to feel her near me.

 The memory of the power of that relationship gives a hope to the heart that tomorrow, a love may rise again. If it doesn’t come then you will at least have the memory of the power and purity and know that the most beautiful things in life are in fact possible.

If you could experience true love for only a week of your life would it be worth it?

It would be so good to see your face at my door!

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