The Price of Love

If you could experience true love for only a week of your life would it be worth it?

by Jonathan Hilton Day 36

love worth livingSometimes life seems to be full of things that are dichotomous to experience. Both bitter and sweet to the senses and often times we have to make a decision if they are worth it or not.

 Love is one of these experience in life. There are so many positive things to it but in the end you have to wonder is it really worth it?  Wouldn’t the time be better spent developing a talent or learning to fly a kite or something?

 The answer I give in the final analysis is based on the weight of the measure of the positive power of love against the angst and pain that remain when for whatever reason love ends. That is the dilemma this question asks you to solve.

The Power of Love

There is nothing that can make you feel as good as being in love. The connection that you have with one other person which allows you to know that there is something unique and special inside of you that someone else appreciates.

love All of you flaws are overlooked for a moment and the positive ingredients that make you who you are,  seem to be enough, like shining jewels in you soul that are invisible to everyone else.

There is nothing more important than spending time with that person you love.  Hours are condensed to moments and moments are non-stop fun, interest and your heart actually hurts when you are apart.  There is a counting of the moments until you are together again.

 Someone’s love for you is very powerful and can allow you to grow and accomplish things together that apart would be impossible.  Love has the power to make you unbelievably happy and when you appreciate that you live in the moment like at no other time in your life.

The Price you Pay

There is a significant cost that you sometimes pay for love however, for no good thing comes for free or without risk.  Love is so precious that many times we start to let fear of losing your love creep in and start to destroy the positives you feel.  Jealousy is one of the major culprits.

When you are afraid of losing your love then jealousy arises. It can be based on absolutely love we deservenothing, or on something from your past or any irrational fear, but once jealousy starts to creep in, love seems to be much harder to maintain.  Envy, anger, doubt, inferiority and ego also come with this package, but the culprit is fear. I don’t think you fall out of love as much as you fall into fear.

These negative emotions cause you to lose your empathy for that person you loved and once that is gone, there is no longer any love.

Once love is lost, there is no cure for the pain that you feel other than the calming salve of time. That does not do you any good when you are alone, can’t sleep and you miss the thing that made you so happy.

There is a hole in your soul that may in time be closed or perhaps it will just sit there, neither healing or being fatal to your existence. Just bearing a constant reminder of what once was and now is gone.  Is that pain really worth it when it comes to love?  When you just want to find a way to be normal, to find your worth again. To feel that special again.

Totally Worth It

True-love-is-always-worth-love-quotesI admit freely that in my past, I had totally given up on love and the fact that it could ever provide anything but pain and anguish in the end. Yet I know that there is a hope that love will rise and those feelings will come with it.

The idea that no better way to spend a day than talking about whatever it is that the one your love is interested in.   Life is a game that was designed to be played by pairs of people to be most effective.

Love makes this possible. With the power, the craziness, the mess, the loss, the happiness, the sadness, the fear, the jealousy, the joy, the anguish, the euphoria, the pain is all worth it. I would do it for a week, if that is all I was allowed to have.

I know I am a better person for those I loved truly and carry those victories and defeats happily in my heart!  If I was only allowed that kind of love for one day it would definitely be worth it. Life would be much less if I had never had her head on my shoulder or held her hand just to feel her near me.

 The memory of the power of that relationship gives a hope to the heart that tomorrow, a love may rise again. If it doesn’t come then you will at least have the memory of the power and purity and know that the most beautiful things in life are in fact possible.

If you could experience true love for only a week of your life would it be worth it?

It would be so good to see your face at my door!

20 thoughts on “The Price of Love”

  1. Wonderful post on love. I liked the one quote about “we accept the love we think we deserve.” I think for me I actually went looking for the love I thought I deserved…which was some pretty crappy love. It’s finally sunk in to my thick head that until I love myself I will never choose someone who can love me fully. Does that make sense? You know I once heard that love changes our brain chemistry…I believe that! Choosing to love instead of hating changes lives and has a ripple effect! Thank you again for this post 🙂 LOVE IT!!!

    1. Thank you Kira, you are such a great motivating supporter, how could I not feel great after reading this wonderful comment? Thank you so much! Your comment about love makes perfect sense to me and I do believe that love does something to us, chemistry or something more, there is a distinct difference between life without love and life with love. That is all I know. Love makes you look at everything a bit differently, take chances and look for horizons you have never seen before. I am sure that you deserve the best of love, so don’t short change yourself. Remember what you’re seeking is seeking you. Hope you have the best of days, today! 🙂

  2. Jon, I knew you would do this topic justice. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you laid out the “argument” for love. I will refer back to this when fear rears its head and gnashes its fangs at me!

    1. Thank you Daphne, I attribute much of my ability to write this to your help. I was struggling just thinking about the topic, when I thought to ask you. It was a great answer, and you may not realize it but got me writing in the right direction. So thank you very much. I appreciate all of the help.

  3. You know I couldn’t reply to this without quoting a movie: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” – The Moulin Rouge. This line resonants with me, it really made that movie for me, and it has stuck with me since. I completely agree with it.

    So, to answer your question – yes, one week of true love would be worth it, totally, without reservation. Love, true love, is the greatest thing we can experience in this life, and it is worth experiencing even if it is only for a week.

    (I considered using the Princess Bride quotes to answer – but that seemed to obvious.)

    1. I thought about using the Princess Bride when I wrote it, and of course for images, but I also thought a little too obvious. I love that quote, and I depend on you Matt for sharing a brilliant movie quote like that. I agree with it as well. This question was a tough one for me because, is anyone really qualified to talk about love? I certainly don’t claim to have figured this all out. But that is part of the challenge of life, learning new things and finding answers you didn’t know were there before. Thank you Matt so much for taking the time to comment. Great thoughts as usual!

  4. Very good post Jon. Measured and made a lot of sense. That’s the thing, when something ends badly, or just ends the temptation is there to throw the baby out with the bathwater. To say it was all a load of crap and what was the point anyway! But the wise person keeps those nice memories as a resource, as a reminder of what is possible, and that we are quite lovable by the right people at the right times. We never lose that, it’s always there for us 🙂

    The single most attractive attribute anyone can have is a love and acceptance of themselves and an equal contentment with being alone or with someone. That’s the thing to work on and we don’t need anyone else help with that 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Great points Rohan. I agree that being content and happy living life alone or with someone else should just be noted as being happy. Yet it seems that life is a bit more in the moment when you are experiencing love. I think that love is one of the things in life that we may never as people fully understand. To me, and I have said it before it is the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced. I am grateful for the comments. Loved your post on SassandBalderdash. Thanks for sharing Rohan, you are one talented guy. 🙂

    1. Thank you Ann for taking the time to share your thoughts, I agree that love takes work and is a part of our lives every day. I appreciate so much your comments. I also sent you an email about your other comment. I hope that is OK. Love is one of the things that make me believe in magic. Well worth it. Thank you Ann!

  5. “Life would be much less if I had never had her head on my shoulder or held her hand just to feel her near me.” That is the sweetest.
    I’m with you, definitely worth it. If the alternative is never knowing love at all, what’s the point of anything?

    1. I agree completely. However there were some days in my life where I honestly wondered if there was any point to all the love stuff. Yet life is much fuller and better lived just by knowing that magic does exist and it can affect you at any time. There is no way to predict when, and that always makes love a mystery that will move you and affect your life significantly. Thank you MFE for reading and commenting. You make me happy!

  6. Jon, can I quote The Bodyguard? “But above all this, I wish you love.” Cheesy, I know, but it’s what I’m feeling. I love your statement: ” Life is a game that was designed to be played by pairs of people to be most effective.” So true. I feel blessed that my wife stood by me through tough times. Now it seems like we are playing the game of life pretty effectively. Thank you for your insight. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo

    1. That is the first time the Bodyguard has been quoted on this blog! 🙂 I am grateful for the thought and happy for you that you have someone so wonderful to stand by you. Tough times do not last, but tough people do and usually they take a little wisdom with them. Thank you so much for reading and commenting here. Thank you Kozo my friend!

  7. Ah Love.. it gives you a few lines and a sad yet gentle smile. I like what the Bible says on love in Corinthians 13:!3

    Whatever thorns there may be they are of the same beauty as the flower.

    1. That is a great verse and so appropriate. As I have said, love is the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced, and knowing that magic exists, is a great thing. a few lines and a sad gentle smile, that is me my friend. Thank you for commenting and reading Purni, always so great to see your comments. I miss you when you are not commenting.

        1. I was hoping you called me your bacon rather than beacon because I know how much you love bacon!! 🙂 I will keep writing as long as you do!! You are the queen of language.

          1. Hahahah YOU READ MY MIND.. I was tempted to write bacon.. bu then deleted it.. but i’s so true… more than a beacon you are my bacon! 😀

          2. That is the nicest thing any woman has ever said to me! You are such a sweet talker! 🙂

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