It Matters

Everything  Matters

All Choices Matter
Your Choices Matter

I have found this one fact pervasive throughout my life, EVERYTHING we do matters when it comes to our happiness and enjoyment of life.

Every decision that you make throughout every day of you life is a contributor to the essence of your existence.  Each decision you make to support someone or to knock someone down will be reflected in your own are clues everywhere, and you might be able to figure it out, but it would have been so much easier if someone had just sat me down and told me the way things worked.  This piece is designed for this,  if it informs one person, if it makes one mind think,  then it is definitely worth it.

Dream A Little Dream

What does ‘The American Dream’ mean to you?

by Jonathan Hilton

dream-quotesDreaming is one of the powers of the human mind. There are all sorts of dreams, day dreams which distract from doing our work, and then sweet dreams which occur at night to portray worlds, people and situations we may never see any other place.

There are nightmares that bring our deepest, darkest fears to our experience.  The American Dream is a phrase that has symbolized many things to many people. To me it means that anything is possible if a person is free they can do anything they set out to do.