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Play- engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

playLife often seems to be a very serious and practical experience and that makes people miss the truth behind it. Life is a game and once you accept that and learn how to play it, it will become a much more enjoyable and recreational experience.  Like any game, there are challenges to overcome and strategy to implement.  Most people never realize this is the case. They spend their life soberly moving from one square to the next,  regretting moves they made in the past or fretting over challenges that may come tomorrow.  Life is a game that is played in the now because that is all you are guaranteed.  Never forget to play as you move through life and it starts with an awareness of this game happening right under your nose, with your thoughts, words, and actions.

Enjoy The Game

We are all born into this game, we didn’t ask for it but here we are.  Like all games, you can see players using different strategies to get maximum enjoyment with minimal effort.  Some play a social game as they move around the board and others choose to be the lone wolf.  All of us are trying Playto move through the board and find the prize of peace and contentment. It seems that the players that enjoy every experience, every move are the ones that benefit the most.

There are those who have the intention of not enjoying any part of the game, regardless of what it is.  They see every changing move as a problem and a potential for pain. These players are to be avoided because they will make the game miserable for everyone they come in contact with.  Spend your time with people who love the game and it will be easy to love too.  There are many truths to the game of life, who you choose to play with will determine how well you play and how much you enjoy the experience.

Limits to Avoid

In the game of life, there are some things to avoid as you play.  One of the most important is to avoid worrying about what other people think of your moves around the board. They may tell you that you look silly, or that your playstrategy will never work, or they may say they have a better plan.  Let these reservations of others slide right off you. You are the only person who can play your game and life provides you with many lessons that will assist you in reaching the goals of happiness and contentment.  Anyone being critical of your play is probably sliding backward themselves or can’t seek the imagination it takes to move forward. Avoid listening to what others think of you. The responsibility for your play lies with you alone.

The second thing to avoid is becoming too confident in the way you play.  Life has many penalties for overconfidence and none of them are pleasant. Be confident but never stop being grateful for where you are and what you have in this game. That will keep you grounded and avoid the big falls that pride can bring.  You will never figure the whole game out, nobody does.  But you can learn through playing to the end all that you need to know. Gratitude is an important fuel for the game, play it consistently and generously and it will take you a long ways.

Finally, fear is to be avoided as you move around the game. It is natural if you are in a “good” spot on the board to want to stay there. But life is a fluid game and never stands still, one of the indisputable rules is that you have to keep moving and changing.  Some call this scary. Others call this opportunity.  Call it an opportunity because it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, that is what is going to happen. Things will change and you will have to roll the dice again or spin the wheel and take the moves in front of you.  Do not be afraid, be confident that whatever lies ahead you will have the ability to play through it and move on to even a better level. Each challenge of the game is an opportunity for growth. Play the game and grow!

Winning the Game

Well here is the sad truth. There is no winning the game. There is only playing it.  The choices that you make on the way define your play and will playdetermine the experience you have. The most important factor to realize is that you have a choice. Maybe not with what the game brings you but in how you react to those decisions. These are the most important decisions that you can make because they will determine if the experiences you have are moving you forward or backward in the game.  Are you climbing a ladder or sliding down a chute back to where you started?

Try not to play the victim and complain about everything.  All challenges bring with them an opportunity. To be better or accomplish something. If you choose to not take advantage of that because of grief for what has gone or fear for what might come then take responsibility for it.  Because in the game of life you are responsible for how you play. You and you alone.

PLAY TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.  That is winning the game and will allow you to get the most out of it.  We have little control over when it will end, but total control over the choices we make while we play. Raise your awareness to the play with your thoughts, words, and actions.

“Life is a game and you are the player. As you master the game, so you also create it.” ― Jay Woodman

“The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds, and words come back to us with astounding accuracy.”  ~Florence Scovel Shinn




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