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Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first? 

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The truth fears no te

There is a part of me that will argue that you have to challenge everything before you can accept it as a truth; otherwise, you are susceptible to believe anything that someone tells you.

Yet there is another thought  I have that sometimes you can just know that something is true without investigating it at all.

My contention is that most often you should challenge a truth because even the wisest people don’t know when to accept something as it is.

When it Comes to Science

When it comes to knowing the truth, a good challenge is appropriate and should be welcomed, because if what you are looking at is the truth, then it will withstand any kind of investigation or inquiry and still be the same afterward.

At one time the most prestigious scientists in the world believed whole heartedly that the world was flat and that the Earth was the center of the universe.  Challenging either of these “facts” would have gotten you into a lot of trouble and certainly would have lost you any chance of advancement in a field of science, however, these ideas were proven to be false and other ideas took their place, to be challenged in their own turn.

It seems that today, we feel like we know everything and science should never be challenged, who knows what we will learn next if we keep questioning things.  A question can never be a bad thing.

Social Norms Should Always be Challenged

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This is a great way to go even if it makes you uncomfortable

Socially people seem to take a nearly deranged pleasure in putting people into groups. 

Fitting people into nice, neat little boxes bases on dress, religion, sexual orientation or even skin color provided an excuse for separation.

This type of discrimination has been systematically challenged and destroyed over the past one hundred years or so.

People who challenged societal norms always faced initial opposition, but after a concerted effort, there is more and more acceptance of all people. There are still challenges to make but that seems to be the case for people. Growth comes after challenge.  I have to believe that the level to which differences will be accepted will continue to grow.

Why people hate to challenge

There is a lot of fear involved when a truth is challenged and found to be false, some people have the fear that if some idea that they held as absolutely true, now is false, then: What else are they wrong about?

This question can knock the sense out of people.  Some will accept the changes as a normal growth pattern, and knowing the truth really shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

However many people turn the opposite way and cling ever deeper to their beliefs, never wanting to let them go, because it is just too scary for them.

The truth needs to be challenged most of the time because if it is really the truth it will stand up, and if it isn’t, a lie is never going to lead to happiness.

Higher Power Challenge

jonathan hilton intuition
Sometimes your heart is right and needs no proof

Sometimes though there are things that you have to accept as truth even if you can’t prove it one way or another that they exist.  Any religious belief has to be undertaken this way because there is no proof of God’s existence, it must be accepted on faith.

What God is and if he exists is a debate that has affected the history of mankind for thousands of years.  Does that mean the idea of God shouldn’t be challenged?

No not at all, but I am not sure what kind of experiment you could perform to see that God exists definitively.   When you look at all of the religions of the world, most of which differ only slightly in doctrine and practice, it is hard to believe that they could have all gotten it wrong.

But the conventional thought is not conventional wisdom.  For me, I think that there has to be a reason that we are all here, to accomplish something and that there is a reason why we have the ability to reason, be creative, and make moral decisions.  Test away, and when you can prove God exists or doesn’t exist I will listen with an open mind.

Still Seeking The Truth

I think that for the most part, it is impossible to know the truth without testing it because the truth is everlasting and unapproachable if something is true, then testing, trials or questioning won’t change it.

When it comes to things you can’t test or challenge, like the existence of God it has to come down to your faith.  Either we are a cosmic accident that just happens to be here, or we are a magnificent creation that is here to do great things if we let ourselves.

Apparently, Seether has been looking for the truth:

10 thoughts on “Truth Is”

  1. when I was in elementary someone thought me that the wisest thing was to say: I don’t know anything… but that doesn’t mean trying to figure out truths isn’t mad fun.

    I think I am writing a few things from this post down and find myself a little truth to expore and have fun with 🙂

    1. That was a wise saying you learned back then because it sets the bar low. If you don’t know anything then nobody will expect anything from you. Also you can get away with a lot because nobody thinks you know anything. I always get a nice smile when I see your comments. Thank you so very much for brightening up my day. 🙂

  2. I like challenging the truth. The God part especially. Whether God exists or not is a debate my aunt and I have been at for years. Get’s kind of fun when she’s flustered by all the crazy questions I have for her.

    1. I never argue religion because there is no way I can win. People will never think like I do and I really don’t care if they do. I am sure of what I am sure of until the time where I am proven wrong. Then I will change my mind. What are your questions? I would like to use them. 🙂

  3. Mandatory movie quote: “There is no spoon.” (From The Matrix) “The truth” is something that each of us experience different anyway… it is not a constant across all time and all humanity. The truths we know today will seem ridiculous to those studying “history” in 1,000 years. So, yes, we must constantly challenge today’s truths so that we can adapt and survive as the world changes around us. There is no spoon – there is just an object we have assigned with that name, for now… it hasn’t always been a spoon, and it won’t remain one forever.

    1. Love the Matrix reference and I love to think of life in terms of quantum reality, so this comment is right up my ally. I agree whole heartedly that truth is relative to the time it is viewed. I wish I could be there a thousand years from now to see how truths about everything has changed. It is an interesting thought. Thank you Matt I am looking more forward to movie quotes than usual.

  4. I like the statement about change as a normal growth pattern. I really believe we are here to grow. The fact that some truths elude us give us space to grow.
    Oh, yeah, I wanted to mention that Science also thought the smallest particle was the atom/electron. Wrong again.

    {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    1. Thank you Kozo for taking the time to read and comment. I really do want to know what the world will look like 100 years from now and what will be the accepted facts. The world has changed exponentially over the last 100 years, in 1913, there weren’t paved roads in most places and most people didn’t have cars or electricity. We have come a long way. Question the establishment and all things because that may be the key to finding change. Thanks for reading. Loved your post yesterday by the way!!:-)

  5. First, we must let this difference between a fact and a truth sink in :

    Fact is truth of the moment, with a domain that has a narrow context.

    Truth is a fact with long term validity, across contextual domains.

    Therefore, the self of the observer or the witness is the ultimate truth because it is a primary presence in EVERY domain that we study or investigate.

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