People are People In the Air Tonight

Day 11 Nostalgic Music Month

Phil Collins by Jon Hilton

1985 was an important year in my life, it was the year I graduated from high school and first left home to venture out into the world. The music of Phil Collins always takes me back to those times, when I was getting ready to leave high school and the first tentative, scary and exciting steps into life. Growth and change are a part of the living process and to move forward to find new things, old things have to be left in the past.  This music reminds me of some of the things I left behind but still carry pieces of around inside. Our lives are literally defined by the stories we tell, and these are the stories that Phil Collins brings back to me. Welcome to 1985!

  1. One More Night– I don’t know the name of the band that played the prom at Lincoln Academy in 1985 but I do know that they only knew one slow song, and this was it. They played it about 6 times and by the end of that evening, I was sick of this song. I was never a prom kind of guy but thought I should go to one to have the experience.  I remember it was fun, I got stopped for speeding in Bristol because I was distracted. Lost my license for 30 days. I blame Phil Collins and this song for that.  Like a river to the sea. I will always be with you. And if you sail away, I will follow you.
  2. You Can’t Hurry Love– Even though this is a remake, this version of You Can’t Hurry Love reminds me of that entire senior year of high school. So many lessons I learned and have carried with me. I often marvel at the amount of information that has a major impact on your life in those early years. Why do people stay stagnant in life? They seem to stop learning and developing as they travel through life and then we realize later that we should have been embracing change all along.  One lesson that has lasted, you can’t hurry love.   How long must I wait how much more can I take
    Before loneliness will ’cause my heart, heart to break?

3. Long, Long Way to Go– 1985 was just the beginning, and this song reminds me of the long distance I have come since then. I have experienced much, met many people both good and bad. All have had an impact on me. The positive ones have enhanced my life journey in some way they are easy to appreciate. The negative people have also provided influence that is ultimately positive. Appreciating them is more difficult but I do this as well. Even now I know there is a long, long way to go in order to be the best version of myself and to be a positive influence on those I meet.  Turn it off if you want to. Switch it off it will go away. Turn it off if you want to. Switch it off or look away.

  1. Take Me Home– Home has been a concept that has changed over the years for me.  In 1985 I thought it was a physical place, where you would go for acceptance and support for all that you are trying to do in life. Life has taught me that those things and that place in just as much in your mind as it is in reality. The feeling of home can come to you almost anywhere, and that love and acceptance of the circumstances you are in today are home to you. Embrace them, accept them and if you want them to change, take action to do that.  Home is not a place, it is a feeling. Thank you 1985 for being a home for me. There’s no point escaping
    I don’t worry anymore. I can’t come out to find you. I don’t like to go outside. They can’t turn off my feelings. Like they’re turning off a light.

1.In the Air Tonight– From the unique beginning to the end this song reminds me of the year of 1985.  In my life, like all others, there have been many moments of change and growth. Life has taught me that people will let you down sometimes.  You will let others down sometimes. Nobody is perfect. It is taking the lessons, both good and bad and using them to become better that counts. Not allowing the negative to make you bitter, or hateful toward others. That is a waste of time. What others think of me is none of my business and I don’t have time to care. Life is short. That is what I think of when I hear this song by Phil Collins. I’ve seen your face before my friend, but I don’t know if you know who I am.

HM-Don’t Care Anymore, Two Hearts, Groovy Kind Of Love, Do you Remember, I missed again, Another Day in Paradise

Day 11 -Depeche Mode by Mike Martin

Thank you, Shipmate, Dave Griepsma, for checking in and offering your selections for #OctoberNostalgicMusicMonth. Your help is greatly apprenticed and very much needed.

Last night (Thank you, Shannon, for picking up my slack) was my weekly Belgrade boy’s night out, and this morning, I had to go to BCS to discuss my youngest-oh that Maddy Girl-you are the best of both me and your mother.

I met Dave in 1985-my first day aboard the USS Jouett CG-29 which was commissioned December 3, 1966, a little less than 6 months after I was born. Dave Griepsma is at least two years older than me. I remember this because when I was 19 and 20, I borrowed Dave’s California Driver’s license which helped me get into places that I wasn’t allowed otherwise.

Now Dave and I both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a bit of a Scandinavian look about us, but Dave is 6’7’ and I am a tad under 6 ft. But, that was the 1980’s- back when the majority of Americans were more interested in having fun than trying to run others down and get them in trouble-oh how the world has changed.

So, thanks to my Shipmate- Dave Griepsma- my Day 11 #OctoberNostalgicMusicMonth selection  is the English electronic band that formed in Basildon, Essex, England -: Depeche ModePeople Are People 

I can’t understand

What makes a man

Hate another man

Help me understand

’s #OctoberNostalgicMusicMonth. Contributions-Thanks Brother!!!!!!

Depeche Mode: Everything Counts 

The Smiths: How Soon is Now 

Billy Idol: Rebel Yell 

The Cure: Pictures of You 

Oingo Boingo: Private Life 

The B52’s: Roam, Private Idaho 

Echo and the Bunnymen: The Killing Moon

Soft Cell: Say Hello Wave Goodbye 

Party-on folks, and if you have any questions, drop us a line and please partake in #OctoberNostalgicMusicMonth and while you are at it take a trip to Greenville, Maine-I understand the foliage is majestic this time of year!

#OctoberNostalgicMusicMonth #visitGreenville

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