hopeI think people resign themselves to their situations. The way that it is right now will always be. If one believes this then there is no room for improvement, there is no hope.

Things can change in an instant, and the things you dream of can come to you, today, out of the blue. Change is constant and inevitable.  Hope is a powerful tool, that allows your dreams to be realized in a way that you may not have imagined before. It allows those changes to work for your pursuit of your best self.

Building Hope

When life seems darkest and things are seemingly stacked against you in a hopelarge impenetrable wall of frustration. That is where hope can be a guiding light. Perhaps it is the connection you meet who pushes you toward a solution to the challenges you face.  Maybe it’s someplace you haven’t ever thought of before.  Yet there you are moving forward and living in hope.

Without hope, you very well may be blind to all the opportunities that exist right in front of you with the potential to bring everything that you could possibly want for your life.  The hope of love, life, fortune, a gift or that special relationship could be coming your way, today. A person only has to have their eyes open and mind ready to see them coming.  A mind without hope will often hopemistake opportunity for an inconvenience. Don’t be asleep at the switch, see the chances that exist in your life.

Hope Keeps You Positive

When you feel like you are down, a loss has occurred and you don’t think you can come back from it, that is the time to hope. Hope for help, hope for a friend, hope for a way out, hope for what you need, and hope will find a way. Even in the darkest night, the hope of the sunrise will keep you going. The sun will rise and with it bring a multitude of possibilities.

What is it that you hope for? Think of it and don’t lose it and it will give you hopestrength. Maintain an image in your mind of what it is that you hope for. It is the creativity of our mind that all things in the world spring from. If you have no hope of love, success, help or triumph, there is no way that you can find it. Simply by thinking of it, you will be able to recognize it when it shows up in your life.

Always be Hopeful

Hope provides nothing but positive things to the world, and to the lives of people. It provides fuel to get through tough times. It provides light in the darkness. Hope allows you to persevere when your strength is tested. In fact, hope allows the test to be passed.  In all undertakings of life, above all else, be hopeful of success, take action and it will find you.

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  1. There was a movie I recently watched…’Unbroken’. The main character’s dream was derailed completely, yet….in the end, he won. Beautiful hard movie.

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