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Persistence- firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

persistenceThere is a power inside people who who are successful and that power  is the quality is persistence.  To be able to continue moving forward to a goal, despite hitting some obstacles along the way. Nothing takes the place of persistence when it comes to achieving anything, financially, physically or even spiritually.  Many things that are worthwhile to our experience are not easy to get.  It is often the steps that one has to take in reaching their ultimate goal that make the goal so valuable.  Persistence is the ability to push past your perceived limits and find your abilities.  Consciously look for persistence today in your thoughts, words, and actions today. Where can you push through, keep moving forward and find success?

Don’t Give Up

Everyone faces moments of darkness in life. Times when things seem to be stacked against us. It can even seem like there is no hope at all. But somewhere deep down inside there is a voice that tells you to keep trying. It is the thing that gives you the power to try one more time, to begin again, to believe again to hope. This voice is persistence.  Without this word, you will have a difficult time achieving anything of value, because things of value by definition have a cost and that cost is your effort, imagination, and ability.

Remember that challenges are two-fold, they provide difficulties that are unforeseen and seem like problems. But on the other side, they also come with an opportunity to succeed.  By being persistent you can learn the lessons of the challenges, move forward and apply them to your life.  It reminds me of the poem my grandfather gave me once. The don’t quit poem.

Persistence Grows Your Best

When you are persistent and keep moving forward it can be the best personal development program there is. Skills you didn’t have must be developed and talents unknown rise to the surface.  These are treasures that would remain buried if there was no need of persistence in your actions to move toward your goals.

Look at your own story closely. Were there times you had to dig deep to get something accomplished? Where success didn’t come easy the first time you tried?  Most people have been in these situations.  The amazing thing is that most often we have the ability to do things, that without the challenge, would never be realized. Having the gift to be persistent grows your best and affords you the opportunity to share it with the world.

It’s All In Front of You

When you look at your life as if it is taking place on a game board, thee are the spaces you have already moved. Some were easy and some were difficult but they all led to where you are now. Whatever goal or reward you have chosen is not where you are right now. In order to find it there is only one choice to keep moving forward, because it is not behind you, or with you currently. It is all in front of you. Persistence keeps gives you the strength to take the next roll or spin. Like a game of Chutes and Ladders, it may lead to a quick rise or a step back, but really it is all the move you need to get to the next step in your development.

So be persisient today in your thoughts, words, and actions. Keep moving forward to the next step of your goals, growth and development as a human being.  The only way to reach the finish line or win the game is to make the next move. No matter how scary it may seem. Persistence makes it all possible.

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. ~ Bill Bradley



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