Raising My Consciousness One Word at a Time

Enemy- a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.

We all have had the experience of being opposed to someone in our lives. Jealousy, envy, anger, or greed usually are behind these feelings.  In the world at large enemies, real and perceived are used to perpetuate fear and manipulate support for this policy or that action. What would the world be like if we did away with the idea of enemies altogether?  Of course, we will never know, but we can find out what your life would be without them.  Enemies exist because we choose to allow them.  Eliminating your enemies starts with you looking closely at your thoughts, words, and actions when it comes to dealing with others.  Your perception is the key.

We the same as our enemies

One of the paradoxes of life is that each person is unique and one of a kind, but we all at our core are the same.  So we may have different shades of skin. Our eyes are different colors as well. Our height is never uniform. There are many differences but deep down, we all are the same and come from the same source of life.  If we all realized that then maybe there would be fewer problems in the world.  Again that is unrealistic for the masses but not for the individual.

If you view another as your enemy, you are looking at them with negativity. They may say something bad about you. They may try to hurt you.  Whatever your “enemies” do, don’t resort to responses to hurt them back. Forgive those who try to harm you, learn from them, move on from them.  Learn to practice your defense and avoid at all cost going on the offense. If you view them as an enemy, how do they view you? We are all the same, competing for perceived gains that have no real value. But they cost us everything.

Change your Perception of Enemies

Again it is easy to categorize people and label them as this or that because it makes you more comfortable with yourself.  Change your perception of them and spend your time looking for yourself in each person you meet.  There is always a common ground and you will see yourself in all others. This will happen when you stop looking at adversaries as enemies.

All people are teachers. They will teach you valuable lessons. The very least of which might be how not to act, or treat others.  Pay attention, learn the lesson, forgive them if need be and move on with your life.  Any time spent aimed at revenge or punishment only limits what positive action you can take in the world. Anger leads to hasty blows that might make you feel powerful for a moment but in the end, result in wasted energy.  When the clock runs out on your life, is that what you will think of?

Sometimes You have to Fight

I know that in life I may have to fight for protection or to maintain a principle.  But I fight to persevere not to conquer another.  If a person sees no enemy, there is no hate and a hope for a better world as the result.  Violence is not the answer.  It only leads to more violence. This relationship is demonstrated all over the world, all the time.  One violent act is used to justify another, then another. Pain and death are the results and there are no positives there at all. Only suffering.

If you see on enemies only opponents then your actions will not fly out of anger, hate, or revenge. Then you are able to act out of strength, understanding, and compassion for others. Who are at their core exactly like you.  Learn from your opponents, respect their capabilities, in understanding lies the path to resolution.

Look at the conflicts in your life.  Evaluate how you perceive those involved. Are they your enemies? Are they your teachers? Are they just like you?  Are they all of these things?  What actions can you take to lead to a resolution to the conflict that is honorable for yourself and all involved?  Focus on leaving the world a better place than when this “enemy” came into your life.  It all starts, as it always does, with a focus on your thoughts, your words, and your actions.  Raise your consciousness about the actions of your enemies and you will see a better version of yourself.

“The old perception of conflict as combat only narrows our vision, limits our choices, pulls us into endless struggles between competing polarities.” ~Diane Dreher

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless those that curse you, do good to those that hate you, and pray for those who speak evil about you, and persecute you.”~ Jesus Christ

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