Raising my Consciousness one word at a Time

Cycles- a series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order.

Tunnel vision seems to be a talent all people develop. Looking at the one moment or situation and only seeing what is in front of them.  Seeing their experiences as individual events, affecting only them.  But there is a larger game at play as we all move through a much larger cycle of it all. All things are moving together at once to a conclusion we are neither of control of or, in most cases, conscious of.  Today the challenge is to be more conscious of the cycles that we are moving through in our lives. It starts with looking at our thoughts, the words we use, and the actions we take because of it.

Inevitable Cycles

There are some events that we are destined to go through. All things come and they go.  Life as a whole is one of these inevitable cycles. It can’t be avoided because the control lies with nature and we are just players in this action.  We are here through its production from beginning, middle and end and that is not negotiable. We have no idea when the end is going to come. That makes the cycle a little more exciting, but most go through the cycle without noticing a thing.

The one thing we do have control over is how we respond to the larger cycle of life.  We can hide in unconscious activities of entertainment, letting each move in the cycle pass us by unnoticed.  Notice the changes and turns in the cycle of life, like the twists and turns on a rollercoaster. You can choose to prepare and enjoy the moments. Some will be sad of course but most will be glorious. Don’t wallow in the sad and enjoy the glorious.  Ride the cycle of life. It goes on forever.

Some Cycles Need to be Broken

On a smaller scale, we all establish cycles in our lives.  They are run by the routines we create to manage our lives and make them as productive and enjoyable as we like.  How we prepare for the day, get to work, eat our meals and spend our free time can all be included in our cycle of the day. Sometimes these cycles bring a narrow scope of life or include bad habits which are not good for our health, mentally or physically. The good part is that they can be broken at any moment.

It starts with becoming aware of what your particular cycle is bringing into your life. Perhaps it is causing you to shut out opportunities for new adventures because it would mean a change. Maybe it is keeping unhealthy things in because they bring comfort.  The person in charge of breaking a bad cycle is you and you alone.  Become conscious of the results of the cycles you are experiencing today. Like old clothes that are out of style or worn out. Once they had a purpose but now is time to move forward. Break a bad cycle and start a new one.

New Cycles

It is also interesting that with a little conscious effort, we can create cycles and routines that include all of the healthy and enjoyable things life has to offer.  When you want to do this, look for something that you know has to change or another that you want to add into your life.  Then see where it fits.  Exercise can be one of these things.  When it moves from something that you would like to do, to something that you must do, it will become a part of your cycle of life.

New cycles are difficult at first, but slowly they become a part of your life and you move through them seamlessly as if they were always there.  This happens when you change jobs or move to a new location.  We seek out familiarity in our routines in order to find ourselves in the new situation. There is a comfort in the known that makes even the strangest place feel like home.  Look for the cycles you can create that will make you feel this way.

The Endings are the Beginnings: Cycles

All cycles do end for us, eventually. Rather than be sad for the loss, be happy about the beginning that will result from it.  Even the end of life brings a new beginning in some way.  As our consciousness ends, another may be born.  If left to our own devices our bodies would return to the Earth and provide nutrients for new life.  Take a moment today and notice the cycles all around you and the many endings, beginnings, and middles that exist all around you.

From enjoying a cup of coffee to a conversation.  They are in everything and by being conscious of them you become more aware of the substance of life.  One thing ends bringing the beginning of another. The cycle of life is there for you to watch. And it all starts with you paying more attention to the thoughts you entertain, the words that you speak, and the actions that you take because of it.

“Each thing is of like form from everlasting and comes round again in its cycle.”~ Marcus Aurelius

“Karma, memory, and desire are just the software of the soul. It’s conditioning that the soul undergoes in order to create experience. And it’s a cycle. In most people, the cycle is a conditioned response. They do the same things over and over again.”~ Deepak Chopra

This too shall pass. 




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