Many of us exist in prisons of our own making that stop us from expeiencing life fully
Many of us exist in prisons of our own making that stop us from experiencing life fully

Increasing My Consciousness one word at a time.

Escape-break free from confinement or control.

Are you living life in the way that you really want? Do you say everything you want? Or do you hold back your true thoughts because of a fear that what you really think will cause suffering for you? If you are not confident enough in your ideas to speak them without fear, you are living in a prison.  If you don’t do exactly what you want because you are afraid of what others will think you are in a prison. I think that for much of my life I have been in a prison of my own making and it is time to organize a prison break. In order to escape your cage, you need to honestly assess its limitations.  It begins by examining your thoughts, words, and actiions.

The Choice of Fear

One of the greatest prisons I have experienced is the prison 2prison of fear. This is a large prison because it contains inmates from all over the world and of all social classes. Fear finds a way to grab hold of us wherever it can. There is no way to avoid it, there is something that we are afraid of and don’t want to experience. This fear  can affect the behavior of everyone, and it certainly has affected my life in negative ways. For many years I looked at many fears as common sense, but really fear is the opposite choice of love.

It has become evident to me as I have grown older that each decision that we make is a constant choice between love, (positive for us, growth, understanding, caring) or fear (worry, misunderstanding, judgement, or even hate).   Each thought that you entertain is going to lead you into a prison of expectation  and attachment or toward a life of freedom and acceptance of yourself and your actions. That choice is up to you.

The prison of fear is like many others that we create ourselves in our existence. Self made with no need for guards. Fear will keep you nestled snugly inside your cell at the appropriate time. Not only realizing that you are in jail but you will often feel like things are going just the way they should be.

Your identity and accomplishments are exactly what society told you to aspire to.  There is no way that a person solidly bound to the ground can ever reach great heights. Fear will keep you from reaching, stretching or looking for something new. The comfort zone is the home base of fear and there is nothing new that will result from it. So either you will atrophy where you are but more likely you will shrink backward. Into your cell, comfortably watching mindless entertainment, and thinking very little.

Social Anxiety

There is an ailment that affects people called social anxiety. This is a prison that makes interacting social-anxietywith others a very unnerving experience. I paid a visit to this prison and it is an all-encompassing warden.  This is again caused by fear. To me, it was an unspoken fear about what other people think about me. This is an imaginary thought that doesn’t exist about what people think about you. In my case, I was surprised, in the end, to learn how little people thought of me at all.  This can keep you from

Hopefully one day we will all fly free.........
Hopefully one day we will all fly free………

venturing out and experiencing all that life has to offer. New experiences that you might need to grow and become the best that you can be.

All of us have the danger of falling into a prison of our own making if we don’t continue to look for areas in which we should grow.  Growth and new experiences constantly remind us about our ability to be free and to make choices which are ours alone and will lead to the path of our life.

The new meanings that we discover in relationships, work or hobbies are the things  remind a person how good and positive life can be if you embrace it.  Move out of your comfort zone just a little bit and see what treasures you will find. Plan your escape from whatever prison you are in.

For me I contemplate that I can get out of prison at this very moment and that being the case, what can I do today that will lead me to growth outside of my comfort zone and the personal freedom that I am looking for. It all starts with a close examination of my thoughts, words, and actions today!

“Anyone who looks or listens will experience the full measure of their truths–the sun’s faith in the sanctity of cycles, the rabbit’s dedication to the purity of the present moment, and the bird’s reminder that every soul is as free as it believes itself to be. I filled my mind with their wisdoms and carried the inspiration with me–down the pathway, past the guards, through the gates, and into my prison cell…”  – Rara


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