Make the Most of Today

By Jonathan Hilton

One thing I know for sure is that you can be a whole lot more productive in life,  if you can manage to avoid the two most consistent robbers of your time and effort: the past and the future.  I have spent a lot of time considering the merits of each of these things because they do have some value, but they can also provide a lot of misery to you if you are not careful.  I think of them as thieves because they steal not only from your productivity today, but also from the enjoyment of today.

Live for today
Great lessons from Snoopy

It is What It Is

The past comes at you with so many positives that it is impossible to not be enamored with

There is nothing to look back to!

it.  Everything that you recall is there, every lesson that you have learned, every person that has touched your life, every triumph and every defeat.  All there in the thoughts of your mind, waiting to be recalled at any moment.

The value of the past is that it provides you with the lessons that hopefully make you a better person in your life today.  You live based on the conditioning of the past, whether good or bad.  This is where the past becomes a detriment to your productivity and happiness.  If you look to the past continually to find happiness, you will find it difficult to be happy with the life you have today.

It is my experience that the past is over, it is done, let it go and move forward.  Remember those that touched your heart, and times that taught you something but give them no more consideration than you would to a great book you read. Take the knowledge and then place the experiences on the bookshelf of life and live today the best that you can.

Mistakes that were made five, ten or twenty years ago have as much to do with your actions today as you let them.  They mean absolutely nothing.  You have total control over how you react, feel and think today, right now and that will determine the kind of life that you experience much more than perceived mistakes of yesterday.

Whatever Will Be, Will Be

great quote
A great quote, kind of sums up all of this writing, I should have just posted this quote!

The future is coming and it is going to bring with it a lot of experiences.  Some of them will be good, and some of them will be not so great, this I can promise you because that is what life is.

The great thing about the future is that it is full of possibility and anything that you can imagine can happen.  For some people this can be an extremely scary thing, and that fear will cause them to spend their present moments in constant fear about what might happen tomorrow.

That is where the future comes into your life and causes you to not enjoy the present experience like you should.  You can worry all that you want, but  understand that your worry has no power in making your future better.  At best worry builds a false sense of security, and at worst is makes your life an experience of constant misery.

So how should you live? Enjoying every precious moment that you have on this Earth, because your time here is finite and may be over at any second.  I have often thought how differently people would live and treat each other if they knew that they would be gone in

what I know
This is something I think I know!

twenty four hours.  Would people spend time carrying small grudges on insignificant things, or would they embrace what they have.  Would you take the people that make your life so great for granted or would you give them a hug and tell them that you love them?

This is the mindset that I have tried to develop.  I appreciate the past and the lessons it taught me. I am grateful for them, but know they are over.  I look to the future with almost limitlessness hope because I know that anything is possible.  But most importantly I enjoy the moment that I am in right now because that is the only thing in this life that I am assured of having and I choose to make my moments as grand as I can.


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