Avoiding the Negative Media

Avoiding the Negative Media

news boycott
Stop watching the “News”, they lie.

It was about four years ago that I had simply had enough. No matter what was happening in the world it seemed the media had to spend its time spreading fear, unhappiness or promoting programs on their network of stations that even further spread fear and unhappiness.  Enough was enough and I tentatively started my own personal news boycott to avoid the negative media and their effects on me.

Finding your Inspiration

look for inspiration
Look for your sources of inspiration

There are days when things to write about come to you very easily and others where you have to seek an idea like Gollum looking for the ring.  The great thing is that there are thousands of idea makers out there, friends, random people, and even writers you have never met providing thoughts for  finding your inspiration.  This is extremely helpful because there is no limit on the number of helpful ideas others produce that you can expound upon to achieve creative synergy.