Gratitude and Appreciation

gratitude-logoOne of the simple things in life that we all know we should do is practice gratitude for the things we have in our lives that bring happiness.

It is easy to look at the struggles and challenges of life and forget to see all of the things that make each day a positive experience.  One of the best practices is to set aside a time of day to look at the past day and decide what it is that you are grateful for.


Encouraging Word of the Day

Grateful-           feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

grateful Moving through your life, from task to task, work time to free time,  one of the most important thoughts to keep in your consciousness is to be grateful for all of the things in life that you experience every day.  Being grateful is an attitude that increases your positive energy, makes you more efficient and is the doorway of abundance.  In every situation, there is a choice of attitude. One can decide to be angry, disillusioned, bitter or worried. Or a mind can be appreciative, grateful, accepting and joyous. In each moment the choice of gratitude exists and I encourage you to be grateful in your thoughts, words, and actions today.

Change Your Life

Your Words are Magic
Your Words are Magic

In the stories I was read as a child, there were many mentions of magic words and spells that would immediately change someone’s life or grant them a wish they desired. I never really understood that there are magic phrases that we can use each and every day that will have a profound positive effect on our lives and the lives of those around us. Just like those stories. The best news is that you can start using them today, right now, this very second and see almost immediate results. These are 4 phrases that can change your life. They are part of something called Ho’oponopono.

Thank You! Be Grateful

Being Grateful is Good

Be grateful for what you have
Smile Great things will Happen Today

The phrase, “thank you”, is one that we often times either forget to use enough or even more often forget how much it can mean to someone else.  Often times I think that we don’t properly thank someone when what they did was seemingly so insignificant to them that thanking them might make them uncomfortable.   Recently I met someone, who had never met me, and had no pre-conceived notions about me whatsoever.  We proceeded to have a quick ten-fifteen minute conversation in which I learned more about her and she more about me than I would have thought possible.  I mention this because that person, I am sure never realized what kind of impact they had on me.  I have never met anyone who had such a unique ability to make everyone around her feel better about themselves.  So I say “Thank you” to her, we may never meet again, but the impact on me has made me want to be more positively impactful on the people I meet.  I have made it a mission that when I meet people to try to make them feel like I felt that day.  I am so grateful for this encounter.