Encouraging Word

Shine-1. give out a bright light. 2. be very talented or perform very well.

ShineWhen you look at your conscious experience every day, one of the choices we have is to shine.  I have no greater wish for those that I care about than to see them shine their personal bright light on the world.  Each of us has a light of encouragement, talent, and joy that is looking for a chance to shine onto the world.  Are you going to shine today? To see your shine is good for the world and for you as well.  Do you even know that you shine?  Be conscious today of the thoughts, words, and actions that you can take to shine.  It is my goal to see people shine because the world is a better place for it.

Factors in Your Greatness

All people have a greatness within them. Don’t believe me? Well, then I challenge you to do the following 5 things and see what you can learn about yourself.

With the powerful messages from the media we get inundated with each day, of perfect looking people always happy, it sends the message that unless you look like them you won’t really be happy.

This is ridiculous because every person has weaknesses, shortcomings, unique likes and thoughts,  the ideal of perfection unattainable.  The media tells you what you should think is attractive, what beauty you should aspire to reach.  No person on the face of the Earth can live up to that expectation of perfection.

Let’s All Go To The Movies

This will admit you!
This will admit you!

I had recently challenged the always wonderful, beautiful, kind, considerate and very funny Purnimodo to come up with her top five American movies.  Purnimodo decided to call them movies to watch when you are stranded, but many of them I would watch any time.  She came up with a pretty potent list, but I have a few years on the fair blogger from Holland, and that means a little more movie expertise.


Its OK to Be AWESOME, Because YOU are!

your awesome lincoln
He wouldn’t lie!

by Jonathan Hilton

Why is it that any person who shows a confidence in their abilities is called arrogant? Why is it that anyone who likes who they are, can be passed off as self absorbed? It appears that as people we have developed a society that is custom made to make you feel bad about who you are no matter what.