A Good Cup of Coffee

gratitude for coffee
One of my favorite coffee stops was Tim Horton’s, now they are gone from the area but I am grateful for them still.

Day 2 of Gratitude project-  When I look back on my gratitude journals for the past year, I am continually grateful for the delicious cup of coffee I am usually enjoying at the time I am contemplating all that I am feeling grateful for.  Yet I think it is more than that.

Some Things Worth Remembering

 Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

21809682_have_you_done_anything_lately_worth_remembering_xlargeby Jon Hilton  – Day 16

Every day there are events that take place in our lives that we experience. Some are things we have to do, like work or eating.  Some are things we choose to do, like exercise or hobbies.

All of these activities combine to provide us with the experiences of our lives. There are some that you will remember always and some that you will forget almost as they occur.

 This is my attempt  to become more mindful of what happens each and every day and to make it so that each day is an event to remember and cherish.

Snow Day!

2013-02-07_1708by Jonathan Hilton

It is difficult to explain to someone who lives in a warm climate the power and majesty of a snow day.  Sometimes they are a surprise, and sometimes they are expected, but they are always awesome. It is like having extra holidays in your life and you never really know when they are going to hit.