The Health of Expressing Yourself

How does an event or situation make you feel?

Research indicates that in many cases when people are feeling physical pain, general malaise and chronic weariness the cause can be linked to unexpressed emotion.  As a society, and especially as men, we are not taught how to properly express our feelings or even to notice the message they are trying to send us.

Nostalgic Music Month Success

Nostalgic Music Month a complete success

Nostalgic Music Month took place in October of 2017. Each day Mike Martin and I (Jon Hilton) chose nostalgic music and wrote about what they meant. Each attacked the subject differently and in the end, it was clear that music effects everyone in life. This is a reflection of that process.

What did I learn?  Music is a constant for people of many different backgrounds. I learned that creating something is important to the soul. We should all be looking for ways to create every day. I also learned that many memories of people and events can be brought back to mind by listening to a song. Even though those memories are gone, sometimes they seem real enough to reach out and touch. If only for a minute.