Watch Your Words

Words can be loving or feel like a punch in the face.
Words can be loving or feel like a punch in the face.

Words are used by all people with the capacity for speech and most often there is little to no conscious thought associated with their use at all. We speak to express ourselves to others and rarely contemplate the message we are sending. There is a power in your words and it exists in all speech.  Pay attention to the power of your words. These words have the power to change our lives and the lives of those we take the time to speak with.

Creating a Positive Mindset

Creating positive mindsetThings To Consider when Creating a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset can be destroyed when people seem to speak a lot without any thought for the impact of their words. However, each and every word we utter has an energy to it, which radiates from us and within us long after the words are spoken. If you are not mindful of what you speak then your negative words can haunt you or others for a long period of time.  Watching the words you speak and the thoughts behind them will make your life happier and more enjoyable.

Perspectives on Positive Thinking

512566070029080548_1356144434Bad days happen. We fall down, we make mistakes, and things fall apart. That is life, but it has been my observation that the people who move swiftly past these mishaps and see the positive side of life have developed  habits that are worth emulating.  It is easy to let negativity creep into our lives as we live day to day, but consciously focusing our thoughts on the positives that exist in life will provide value where it seems that none really exists.  Being in love with your life during each minute is the secret to happiness. Accepting the bitter with the sweet.