No Solid Situation

Change Your LifeEach day we are given a snapshot of life, a moment to inhale and then let go. These moments seem like they are painted in pictures or carved in granite, to be observed and enjoyed later at our leisure.

This is fortunate because those we love, leave and these memories are all that is left us. Nothing in life is permanent.  These moments of quick reflection work to remind us of the past, but understand that growth will come only when you accept them as being over and move forward and that will change your life. We all carry a museum full of images and memories but they are not relevant and real today because we are changing, and our minds must change as well.


Word of the Day

Resolution-a firm decision to do or not to do something.

resolutionIt is January 1, 2018.  This is a day that many people resolve to make positive changes in their lives.  Many disregard and even ridicule this action because of the perception of people not following through on their resolutions later in the year.  I look at this differently, any time you make the choice to improve it is a good thing. If you have a dream to make your life healthier, wealthier or just more enjoyable, you should do it with full conviction.  As we make the leap into 2018 I encourage all to make the leap and make resolutions to do or not to do something that will make your life better.  Here are a few areas you can focus on in your thoughts, words, and actions to create positive resolutions for yourself and support positive changes others are attempting.