Raising My Consciousness One Word at a Time

Power- the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.

Each of you has the power to affect the world. You may not be conscious of it but it exists.  It allows you to overcome the feelings of being powerless.  If you listen to the media message that is sent to you every day it is designed to make you feel powerless. Events are reported to make the world seem big and out of your realm.  That is a perspective that is advantageous to an industry.  If you feel powerless, you look for comfort, buy things you don’t need, do what you’re told to do to protect yourself.  In short, it is easy to manipulate a person who feels powerless.  Worry comes directly from this belief.  But you have power and can affect how you look at and act with life.

Life’s Tough Lessons

The Hard Game of Life

Life is a hard game sometimes.  No matter what you do, or how you try to find the gentler 8235367099_8230f69c0cside of life, the easier the hard times seem to seek you out.  When I look at people who are in their late teens and early twenties today, I have a hard time not telling them to be careful. There are some dark times in every life. Don’t worry too much though because they will bring you a lesson that will help you learn a valuable lesson. DO NOT BE AFRAID!

Benefits of Forgiveness

forgiveness 99To live life is to be let down. Disappointment just seems to come with the territory. We then have a few simple choices, to carry around the anger of being hurt or to forgive and move on. Sometimes the actions are so painful that it seems impossible to forgive like you will be letting the person that wronged you off the hook. That is the exact attitude that keeps you suffering and under the control of an event or actions of others for a long time.  There are many benefits of forgiveness the will make your life a more enjoyable experience.

Start Changing

time for changeSometimes you reach the point where things are just not working. Clearly, there needs to be a change. The path of your life is dictated at this moment. Good, bad, successful, right, or wrong all of these adjectives will be applied to your journey depending on the tenor of the choices that you make at the prospect of change. Some people will look at their circumstances and see no choices at all. There are always choices and they usually triggered by the questions that we ask ourselves about moving forward. There has to be a basic belief that life can be something different from what you are experiencing now.


Encouraging Word of the day

Forgive-stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake.

forgive Who hasn’t been wronged, betrayed, let down, hurt or disappointed by the behavior, attitude or actions of another?  Each person that you pass on the street or see in your life at some point has felt pain caused by another. Some are big and some are small but that anger about the pain and the fear of it ever happening again, make us plot our revenge. But the true power is to forgive.  Forgive them, forgive her, forgive him and forgive yourself. To do anything else is giving away your power.  Be conscious of your thoughts and emotions they lead to your words and actions. Forgive.