Word of the Day

Struggle- make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.

Life will never be easy all the time. If it was people would never develop the skills they need to provide their skill to the world.  We will struggle in all facets of our lives both personally and professionally.  It is human nature to want to avoid these obstacles because it would be easier without them. But easy is not always good and it is important to be thankful for the struggles we face because all of them bring with them an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. We are always given a choice to let the struggle we face dictate the action of our lives or to let our lives dictate how we defeat the struggle.  It begins with being conscious of your struggles and the opportunity they are providing to you.  This begins with the thoughts, words, and actions you take to overcome these barriers, grow and develop.

Have Confidence in That

challenges_aheadEvery person in the world in the history of mankind has been faced with the fact that life at times is going to be difficult or challenging. It doesn’t matter what skills and tools you possess, Einstein intelligence, classic beauty, superior physical strength, or massive understanding, you are going to at some time find that life is kicking you around like a rag doll. It is natural that your confidence will be shaken. These times are not meant to break you but to strengthen you. The challenge is thing that will cement your confidence in yourself.