Tangled Up in Teen Spirit

Nostalgic Music Month Day 9

Bob Dylan- by Jon Hilton

It is hard to find an artist with a broader reach of influence than Robert Allen Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan. He has been singing and performing since well before I was born and influencing people much older and much younger than myself. His music has been relevant in the turbulent 1960’s all the way to today.  His music has been part of the soundtrack of many movies and has punctuated memories in the lives of millions of people.

The Wise Taoist Awakes

The wise taoist awakes
The Tao Of Martin

Taoist awakes and for no reason decides to go for a stroll.  He walks for a while, and with his stomach growling, he stops to meditate.  His thoughts are clear as he sits upon a well-used rock.   He “just is” happy because his days are fruitful when the wind takes him to this well-worn path.

In the distance, he spies a Buddhist ascending the cliff that separates the path.  He “just knows” the man follows the ways of the Buddha simply by the route that he chose and the look on his face.  The Taoist meets many types of men on his walks and the Buddhist will say, “My search will not be abandoned at any point in my struggle.”  People often come to the Taoist for his wisdom theTaoist is reluctant to speak.