What Goes Around

Much of what I learn from other bloggers.
Much of what I learn from other creators.

What Goes Around Comes Around 

Finding motivation for new topics can be difficult and sometimes it is way more challenging than others.  Living in Maine there are a lot of inspirations; natural beauty, people, space all can contribute.   Yet the great thoughts I have been exposed to through reading great blogs online can really fuel the fire of creativity.  Below are some of the motivation I have been lucky to be exposed to. Mindfulness, listening, facing fear, and of course what goes around, does, in fact, come back around to you. What you send out does reappear in your life and it leads to some of the most interesting writing.

My Shift in Progress

Understand that there are great gifts that come with getting older , we shift into a new understanding.
Understand that there are great gifts that come with getting older, we shift into a new understanding.

The recent passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer has led me to contemplate some of the thoughts that he provoked in me that led to my own personal growth. One of Dr. Dyer’s projects was called the Shift. The shift was a movie and a book about finding your true purpose in life and doing the things that truly make you happy. It teaches many wonderful lessons, and the project has a lot of layers. You can watch it more than once and something new will jump out at you each time.  The shift is the natural movement in life that we experience as we age and become more experienced.  We shift in personal empowerment. Here are some of the lessons I learned from this wonderful project.

My Ripples of Energy

Each rock makes a unique ripple in the water, as you do in the world.
Each rock makes a unique ripple in the water, as you do in the world.

Moving around through a day, most people never stop and consider the influence their mere presence has on those around you. Your mood and the way interact with those encountered on your daily journey, will have an effect on all in your path.  

Throwing Rocks

When I was young, I would often throw stones into the lake we lived on for no reason at all. My brother and I would see who could throw the farthest or make the biggest splash or the most skips.  As you watched

Enjoy Every Second

It is not uncommon to move through a day on a very

Every second provides an experience that may never come again
Every second provides an experience that may never come again

strict schedule, moving from event to event merely marking time as a restriction in completing the actions of your day.  Move quickly, work quickly, think quickly, love quickly.  The conditioning of our lives leads us to value brevity in completing all tasks because it is viewed as the most efficient use of time.

Searching for Happiness

All of us are looking for happiness. When you look at the end result we would like to experience from all of our choices, happiness is what we hope to find. However, it seems like many people let other things get in the way of their happiness.  Anger, jealousy, worry or just plain fear grab ahold of your mind and stop you from reaching the ultimate goal of being happy in life.  It is the attachments we build to relationships, events, jobs or anything else that stop us from enjoying the experiences we have every day.

At this Very Moment

A person may not be able to see it, but at this very moment, there are at least a thousand thoughts running around inside our heads.  Some thoughts are great and some are just, well, thoughts.  They are not all deep and meaningful but they are all ours, here in no particular order of importance are thoughts that you might have  this day.

Phone Issues

133747The past week has been an eye opening experience for me as I was losing my phone but finding my connection. I did not have access to a phone. As I waited for my phone to be replaced, I had several days where I had no access to other people as I moved about my day. But the bright side was that nobody had access to me either. It was a unique experience that really highlighted our addiction (or at least my addiction) to personalized technology. The process has crept into all parts of our lives and now we scroll around through the mindless posts of Facebook in all of our “down” moments. Life has changed, and with the focus so much on technological devices, I am afraid that many of us are losing our connection to ourselves.

Living in the Moment

living in the momentLiving in the moment is a lost art. So many people are living life, just going through the motions, standing still or worse yet living in the glow of past events. There is nothing wrong with understanding and remembering your past, but to allow it to dominate your current life through nostalgia, and thoughts of an idealistic past will lessen the joy you can have today. Living in the moment will provide happiness and satisfaction in each part of your day. In reality, it is all that you are guaranteed to have.

Feel Great

11142940_434471803394329_1005888695_nEvery day we are given the chance to do many things.  The desired result for most of us is that at the end of the day to be happy inside and feel great or at least it should be.

This is a much more difficult concept than it appears on the surface.  You can’t just will yourself to be happy. It has to come from the focus of your daily consciousness. As you become more aware of positive things inside of you, the level of happiness you experience will increase.

Some Things Worth Remembering

 Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

21809682_have_you_done_anything_lately_worth_remembering_xlargeby Jon Hilton  – Day 16

Every day there are events that take place in our lives that we experience. Some are things we have to do, like work or eating.  Some are things we choose to do, like exercise or hobbies.

All of these activities combine to provide us with the experiences of our lives. There are some that you will remember always and some that you will forget almost as they occur.

 This is my attempt  to become more mindful of what happens each and every day and to make it so that each day is an event to remember and cherish.