Live Your Life

What is the difference between living and existing?


When you look back on your life are you going to remember the times you decided to not try and stretch yourself and accepted what life has given you?

Or will you think back onto the moments where you gave it your best effort and either exceeded beyond all expectation or failed miserably?

  Either way, you were fully engaged in the process of finding what you were made of.  I believe that much of the difference between living and just existing stems from this search to measure ourselves.

Living in the Moment

living in the momentLiving in the moment is a lost art. So many people are living life, just going through the motions, standing still or worse yet living in the glow of past events. There is nothing wrong with understanding and remembering your past, but to allow it to dominate your current life through nostalgia, and thoughts of an idealistic past will lessen the joy you can have today. Living in the moment will provide happiness and satisfaction in each part of your day. In reality, it is all that you are guaranteed to have.