Karma Thoughts

Karma is a concept that resonates with most people. The belief that our actions are going to have repercussions either good or bad depending on the energy of that action.  In doing a small amount of research it becomes clear that karma is a bit more.  Karma is a Sanskrit word for action. According to Newton’s law of motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Some see karma as a form of punishment but that is short-sighted. I view karma as an educational tool. As we all develop in life, we take actions and it has become abundantly clear to me that there is no escape a person can find from the consequences of their actions. Here are 12 laws of karma.


“Life is a  boomerang. What you give you get.”~ Dale Carnegie~ Karma

KarmaWe are all in control of the energy we give to the world each day. It begins with the thoughts we decide to pay attention to in our minds these become the actions we perform and our actions determine what we get back from life.  Like a boomerang the energy, you decide to send out will come back to you, always, inevitably and usually with interest. That’s Karma.

Mirror, Mirror


I was thinking about honesty today and wondering why we do the things we do and speak certain words. Am I sincere? Is that really what I think? Most people go through an entire day and never consider the honesty or value that their words contain. Do you?