creativityCreativity to me used to be a word that I thought only others could do.  I  never felt that I was much of an artist or a craftsman at anything at all.  My art was ridiculous, by writing was atrocious and anything else I tried to make was a mockery to anything called perfection. It was with this attitude that I started this journey of creation.  Shortening the space between myself and the world.

Turn Me Loose on the Midnight Train to Anywhere

Nostalgic Music Month Day 28

Journey by Jon Hilton

In the early 80’s the music of Steve Perry and the group Journey was a part of the fabric of my life. When I remember the high school freshman version of myself. I am sitting in an English class at Lincoln Academy, listening to my teacher Mr. Murphy rattle on about sentence structure. Staring out the window at the rain-soaked soccer field, watching the seagulls fly around and eat worms. My only thought was, “I have four more years of this? I’ll never make it through the boredom.”  The Journey song, Don’t Stop Believing always takes me back to that version of myself and the lessons I learned then. I did make it and it wasn’t all that bad. Now those days are just a random memory or two.  Thank you, Journey, for all the help along the way.

Get Some Journey

Steve Perry and Journey
1981, Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world…………

I have made a commitment to contribute more often on my blog so here is a first entry. In the past I have been writing about a lot of things that are deep on my mind. Since I have found other outlets for the real deep thoughts, I think that my daily observations are what you are going to get.
Today’s observation is a real appreciation for the voice of Steve Perry who used to be the lead singer of Journey when they were awesome. I have always known what a vocal weapon he possessed but after being inundated with lesser voices over the years, I heard an old journey song today that just highlighted what an instrument of magic his voice was. Check out the video below and listen for the moment when old Steve kicks in. It is amazing! Give it a listen. I double dog dare you!
What is your favorite Journey song? What a trip to the past this music is.

The End of The World

If you knew the world was ending tomorrow, who would you make sure you visited today?

end of the world
The Mayans thought it was going to happen in 2012, yet here we are!

by Jonathan Hilton  Day 54

Knowing the world would end tomorrow would make me want to see a lot of people today, for a number of reasons, but I think that this question is good motivation to look at how we value people and how we let relationships drift away into indifference for a multitude of reasons.

I Am Me, I Have No Choice

what makes me me
What makes me, me?

Why Are You, You?

by Jonathan Hilton  Day 48

Today when I think about myself, I do not feel all that much different from the person I was at younger moments of my life.  Yet I know that when I look in the mirror, that person has seen some things. I have to wonder what exactly makes me me?

I think that it is kind of mind boggling to think that of all of the billions and billions of people that have ever existed in the history of the earth, that there has never before been anyone who is exactly like me.

My Watershed Moment

If you could choose one book as a mandatory read for all high school students, which book would you choose?

Any Book by William George Jordan!
Any Book by William George Jordan!

by Jonathan Hilton  Day 33

To find a  great work of literature that would be appropriate for a high school curriculum would be easy, but my own opinion is that I should choose a book that will foster thought as well as provide a guide on life.

 Too much of our school curriculum are designed to teach people how to perform tomorrow, ignoring the here and now.

Jefferson Writing Challenge

by Jonathan Hilton

T shirt backIt has long been one of my long standing beliefs that people come into your life for a reason and you merely need to allow things to play out to find out why.   Sometimes they come in to stay for awhile, and some times they just pop in teach you something and then disappear on down the line.

The Journey Dark and Light

by Jonathan Hilton

Sea StormI was looking for myself,

But what I found was you.

Dark journeys I have traveled alone,

but light was just a momentary thought away.

The negative propagation that overwhelms,

replaced by sunlight and sea breeze laughter.

Much as the winter is killed by the spring,

the reality of missing pieces, stands out brightly.

Incomplet and utter dark night,

combined with twin bright flashes of starlight.

star oceanTwisting me ever forward, toward light perfection,

resistance is gone, I am resigned to the fate.

Walk, run, crawl, faster, quicker,

All That Glitters

By Jonathan Hilton

All-that-is-goldOne of my favorite stories of my youth was The Lord or the Ring trilogy by  J.Rs.R. Tolkien.  I loved the fantasy of it and yes I was a total geek about it throughout my life.  I had the occasion to read the poem All that is Gold Does not Glitter, the other day, and I wondered why I liked it so much.  This article attempts to explain my attachment to this poem and the connections I make to my life today. 
Here is the Poem in it’s entirety:
“All that is gold does not glitter,

30 Questions that Changed the Way I Think About the World

30 day challenges
The First of Many I Hope

by Jonathan Hilton

Have you ever seen the focus of your life change in thirty days? This is the experience that I have had over the last month as I have looked to improve my writing skill and myself, as a person as well.

This is an evaluation of my project to answer one question each day for thirty days, and to work on putting more of myself into my writing for the purpose of being more honest and open about the things I write about.

The beginning of this project