Creating Space for Possibility


quote-Jonathan-Sacks-make-space-in-your-life-for-the-213035Change is an inevitable and vital part of life. Change is happening to everyone each day. Some of the differences are so imperceptible as to be invisible but they are there none the less. It is human nature to hold tightly to the past and the things we are comfortable with, like a child with a blanket, these ideas, and possessions present a form of comfort, even if they no longer serve us in any meaningful way.


Encouraging Word of the Day

Change-1. make or become different. 2. take or use another instead of.

Change is a force that all people are dealing with from the moment they are born until the minute they die. it is inevitably happening all around us. Learning to handle change in a constructive way is one of the most valuable life skills a person can develop because it will be put to use continually and make your life a much more enjoyable experience.  Change comes like the tide in the ocean and you can spend your energy fighting it, or be working with it.  Be conscious of change in your life today in thoughts, words, and actions.