Getting Grateful

What are you most grateful for?

by Jonathan Hilton  

gratitude 111It is a difficult task indeed to start to think about what you are most grateful for. Many people will say money. Some will say love. Some will say family. Some will say something else entirely.

I am thankful for all these things, but to me there is no doubt that showing your gratitude is the most important thing to do. The feeling of gratitude is important.  So for me I guess the act of feeling grateful is the thing I am most grateful for today.  Here is why.

Found My Voice

my computer for expression
My computer allowed my voice to be heard. In much of my adult life, there was a voice inside of me that had no expression.  There were thoughts that were forced to lay dormant and unexpressed, feeling no life except for the minuscule moments that thought sparked a light on them, only to see them cast back into the darkness from which they so hopefully emerged.

My voice, for whatever reason, could not speak these thoughts or express the feelings I felt, for many years this was the way it was, until one day, I found that I had a voice.  This voice was not an uttered word, but a written one.

The Leaf Is So Simple

The Leaf Is So Simple

A leaf in Autumn 2
The leaf is so simple but full of memories

The leaf is so simple. I remember never being able to understand how a green leaf could change into so many different colors? Or why a tree would shed it’s most valuable skin? I always think back to my childhood when I recall memories. Probably because the best ones derived from innocence.

Jumping in Leaves

Everyone remembers jumping in the leaves. It’s priceless. You tend to forget year after year that those leaves do in fact have pointy stems. That is, until you get one in the eye. Or that they’re rather fragile the older they get and crumble making their way into your clothes causing you to become itchy.

The Time Is Right for Right

When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards and just do what you know is right?

by Jonathan Hilton  Day 25

when_is_it_time_to_stop_calculating_risk_and_rewards_and_judt_do_what_you_know_is_rightIt seems that everybody in the world operates on a risk and reward model on which they base their actions on the chance of being rewarded or punished for the outcome of their actions.

Yet I say that the time is always right to act regardless of the risk or reward and this is why.

The Stories You Provide!

Inspiration comes from who we see and what we experience every day.

by Jonathan Hilton

The more I look for topics to write about and expound upon, the more my writing process comes clearly into my mind.  I write best when I have someone specifically in mind to write about, because it is like I am explaining my thoughts or emotions to them, or that I am giving them advice.  Often I know the advice would never be received directly, so I just give it on the pages of my writing.

Voting Was A Great Experience

by Jonathan Hilton

Voting Was A Great Experience

voting in the 2012 election
Picture with my Ballot in the voting booth

There are many people today on November 7, who are disappointed with the outcome of the election, because in our country we all have the option to believe whatever we want. There are people who feel disillusioned and have hurt feelings, and conversely there are many who  are feeling like there is a brand new day ahead of them and there is a lot of hope for tomorrow based on these election results.  I do not belong to either group and I will tell you why.