Encouraging Word Today

Silent- not making or accompanied by any sound.

silentLife in 2017 has become full of noise and sound. It is hard to escape it wherever you go. There is background music in restaurants, people are always making noise, finding a place that is silent is nearly impossible. More importantly, there are few times when we experience the joy of silent peace in our own minds. Left unchecked our minds will produce a nonstop production of thoughts.  I have heard this described as the monkey mind. Constant chatter for no real purpose.  So the challenge today is to start to become more conscious of the silent peace one can achieve in thought, word,  and action.

The Silence is Golden

When you are still you can hear the words the silence has to offer

Is there anything quite as unique as silence? Look at your life and honestly count and evaluate the moments that you are experiencing absolute silence. To me, this is any time that you are completely devoid of any human created sound at all.