A More Positive Life

Your conversation topics are a choice
Your conversation topics are a choice

Every day you have a chance to raise your personal vibration by eliminating some of the negative tones in your conversations that can cause a person to vibrate at a lower level. These things should be no surprise to you at all because they are have been continually making you unhappy and unmotivated for years.  Each of these topics that we decide to engage in, is going to create our mood, energy, and personal vibration. The great thing is that we can be conscious of the tone of our conversations and we can make the choice to pursue the opposite. You are in control of this and dictate how you and those you speak with are feeling during and after your conversations.

Rules For Life

Ten-Rules-Of-Life1The following writing contains my current Rules For Life, over the years I have tried to write down guidelines that I have found helpful in finding a balance in life and hopefully becoming a productive, happy person.  They are not absolute, but I find that when I focus on them each day it is easy to identify the good that is happening.

If you don’t Stand For Something,

You Will Fall For Anything