by Jonathan Hilton

creativityCreativity to me used to be a word that I thought only others could do.  I  never felt that I was much of an artist or a craftsman at anything at all.  My art was ridiculous, by writing was atrocious and anything else I tried to make was a mockery to anything called perfection. It was with this attitude that I started this journey of creation.  Shortening the space between myself and the world.

Call of Creativity

For many years I didn’t really create much of anything. I was only very rarely artistic and it was always done in a mocking way.  I would mock what I made, lest anyone think I really tried and ridicule my creations first.  Suddenly life started putting me into situations where I had to create all of the time.  Writing, graphic design, layouts for newspapers, all needed to be thought out and created.

There is something sensationally wonderful about looking at a thing that never existed before until it came out of your mind and into existence.  It could be a catchy slogan or a graphic design, or a story that you wrote, or a thought that you captured and wrote down for the world to read.

Being Creative

art and stuffBeing creative is the most life affirming thing there is on the planet.  It doesn’t matter what you make or how you do it, it is still fascinating.  I find myself in admiration of others creations all the time.  Even if it isn’t anything I know anything about.  Some people create DIY projects that are amazingly clever. Others bake delicious foods.  Neither of these things I would want to do, but I appreciate the creativity and passion that the authors display in their quest to create well.

Creativity Soothes and Heals

healsYou don’t have to look very far to see all of the healing that creativity provides.  I read many blogs that people write to help them process a crisis they have gone through or are experiencing today. A loss, a defeat, a wrong suffered, all of these produce pain and emotions and creativity allows them to express these frustrations and to deal with them in a way that builds the individual up after a tough circumstance rather than let whatever happened to them win.

Why I Create

i create coloredCreativity crept up on me and I had no choice as I started to realize how powerful a substance it is.  Whether it is a graphic, a story, a thought, a blog post, a poorly drawn picture or anything else, creating things has become and expression of my soul.  I create loudly in my own way, wondering if anyone can hear and to be ready to listen to their returning call.  Yes I see your humanity, I am here too.

I feel like I don’t have a choice now, that if I don’t build something, or construct somehow I am going to cease to exist, or my voice as frail as it may be will be snuffed out before what I have to say has been heard by anyone.

There are people with great talent and people with great passion and I applaud them all, but I find it hard to believe that anyone can get the joy out of simply creating that I feel in my soul.  Like walking through a freshly fallen snow or making footprints on a once unmarked beach of sand, it is like you are the first one to think those things and put them on paper.

Your Turn Now

If you have read this far then it is now your turn.  I challenge you to create in your life.  It doesn’t matter what it is, draw if that is what you do. Cook and bake if that is how your essence is displayed for the world.  Every soul has the power to create something that can only come from you, so find it and create it and release it to the world. It is your duty to yourself.

Why Do YOU create?