Who Are You?

who are youThere can be no more daunting question to answer than to ask yourself who am I ? Then to answer it honestly.  Many people automatically list their job and their family situation, but those are outside influences on who you really are, not who you are.  Just in case you need to know who you are, I think you can start by recognizing who you are not. What are the factors that make you a totally unique individual living on this Earth?

Your Name is Not You

name is not youOne of the first answers to this question is going to be our name. In reality, your name is a label that was randomly assigned to you by the fate of your birth.

Wouldn’t you be essentially the same person inside if you were born in another part of the country? Or another side of the world?  Your name doesn’t dictate your honesty, integrity or kindness. Your name is just a label that you call yourself, yet it is not you. So Who are you?

Your Job is Not You

not your jobThe second answer most people give to this question is a rundown of their current resume.

I am a physicist and I work on quantum equations and string theory. This is another label that describes how you make money but not who you are.

In our society today our identity is so closely related to what we do, that often some people never get around this label to discover what is lying just behind it, waiting there to show the world who is there.  Who are you?

Where You Live is Definitely not You

Another identification people often associate with is the roots of their existence.  I am from Greenville, Maine and I went to geographycollege at the University of Maine at Farmington.

These labels are designed by the mind to give some glamorization to people and be able to place them into convenient categories.

People will even fight people from another region. In fact, the bloodiest war in US History was fought largely due to geographical differences. Where those souls who fought and died in the Civil War really different because of where they happened to be born?

I think not.  Where you are from is a random aspect of your life due to your birth. Like your name, wouldn’t you still be the sensitive, caring and kind person you are today regardless of where you were born or lived your life? Who are you?

Religion is not Identity

religionMany people will identify themselves with their religion. I am a Catholic, a Buddhist a Muslim, and so on.  How you relate to God is important for every person, whether they know it or not.

Yet your identity is not wrapped up in the label of religion either.  These are just different ways of looking at the same thing. The relationship between human and divine.

Yet this relationship still won’t tell anyone anything about you. People within the same religion are as different as each star in the sky.  Who are you?

Your Possessions are Not You

In this day of materialism, it seems to be bordering on a religion, how much you can accumulate seems to be the most important thing to identify yourself with.  When you chase material self-esteem, no matter how much you accumulate, you will not be happy in the long run. Your possessions may be the envy of the world, and still, they will not fill up the empty space inside of you. Because what you own is not who you are.  So who are you?

So Decide Who You Are

There is a significant mystery here to decide exactly who we are. If you remove all of the labels and societal influences what is left inside of you.  What do think? What do you feel? How do you love? How do you give?  There are many questions that may help you find your identity, or they may not.  I can only tell you for sure what you are not, it is up to you to decide who you are.


Who are you?



3 thoughts on “Who Are You?”

  1. I loved this. Your last lines were perfect for making one think. I did laugh, however, when I read your name is not you. My name was the absolute only thing I loved in every part of my life (teen years are horrid, but I loved my name!). Lately, it has made me chuckle because it is a definite melding of church and state. My first name is Kristen. It means in most languages some version of ‘a follower of Christ’. My middle name is Amber. Mum got this name off of music sitting on the piano. ‘Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain.’ It identifies me as an American, a person who knows God, and it just sounds good. (I love a name that flows well). But, you are right, it isn’t ‘me’. It is a valuable part of me, but it isn’t me. I do know, I would not be me if I was named something else. Just like when a baby is born and the name you choose just will NOT fit that baby and you find a more appropriate one.

    1. Thank you Kris, glad I could make you laugh. 🙂 I read the basic premise of this somewhere and the thought stuck with me. It is funny how names become us and just seem to fit. In fact, it is difficult to see most people as anything but their name. I certainly wouldn’t make a good Bob or Tom or Rogilio. But my name is not the essence of who I am, the person underneath. The person I am exists behind all that, as each of us do. Thanks for reading and I agree, your name does suit you! Have an outstanding day!!

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