What If?

What If?

what-ifThere are questions we ask ourselves all of our lives that can haunt us if we let them. What if that decision was wrong? What if I shouldn’t have done that? What if I had tried out for the chess team in high school? What if I said yes?

There are a million of these questions that you can consume your time with, but they don’t add up to anything in the end because the fact is whatever you are “what if-ing” about didn’t happen, will never happen and so should concern you about as much as what the weather was in Borneo in the year 1656.

There are a lot of other what ifs you can worry about that could make a difference in the world and I think I would rather focus on those.

What if ………..

kind wordsOne kind word from you could make someone else’s day, or even save their life. You never know the tempest that is brewing underneath the surface of anyone.

Their surface smile could be hiding a tempest of emotions below.  One kind word or gesture could be the human contact they needed to keep moving forward. There are many words we let slide with no thought or regard for their destination and potential impact. Speak as if your words could save a life. What if that were so?

What if………….

gratefulInstead of thinking about the things we don’t have we spent time being grateful for the things we do have. I have seen people make gratitude lists and it changes the way they look at the world. Gratitude has the power to transform the way you feel about things.

They do not have to be monumental, giant things, be thankful for the little things.  Being alive, a peanut butter sandwich, coffee, or whatever little things bring you comfort and joy throughout your day.  In most philosophies, gratitude is the key to abundance. What if we all were a little more grateful?

What if………….

Bring down the barriers that enslave us all freedom is priceless to all creaturesThere were no separations between people. That means that nobody grouped anybody. Instead of being sectioned off because of your age, nationality, economic status or color of your skin.  We were all members of one group, human beings.

When you look for differences among people you find separation. Separation is the first step toward discrimination because it creates an us vs them mentality. The smaller the circle of us becomes the more likely we are to have a problem.

This is true for any conflict of every size including the race riots of the 1960’s to economic conflicts of today. What if there were no separations between people, just people?

What if………….

governmentThe people who were elected to represent the people actually represented the well-being of the people.  In the United States government and big business have become synonymous in a definition.

What if that wasn’t the case, and they were focused on helping the people who live here as much as they are concerned about helping themselves.

Should any person in our country be hungry? Should any person have to fear to suffer from domestic violence? Is there any good reason that the educational system is broken beyond repair? Children treated with kindness and hope would change the world.   What if we had a representative government that actually represented the people and not big business?

What if………..

urlPeople spent more time using the most powerful force in the universe, love. Instead of choosing to participate in activities like gossip, discrimination, judgments of others or worrying about what is in it for me?  Imagine people spending their time focusing on understanding, kindness, acceptance and what they can do for others.

How different would the lives of every person be if they spent all of their effort on spreading loving kindness? Hatred can only be defeated by love, not more hate What if people spent more time thinking and acting with love?

What if is a question that we can ask all of the time, it can be used to hold us back or it can be used as a catalyst to find the best in ourselves and in others.  



5 thoughts on “What If?”

  1. separation is the hardest part because it is normal to categorize and separate everything from socks to books to people. If I tell someone about you and say Jon is a person, it gives them not much information on you. If I tell them Jon is a blogger not in the NW, they get a bit more information. If I tell them Jonathan is an incredible writer and thinker who shares his thoughts online and he even responds to those people who might respond to his words and I’d probably add what you look like in your profile pic……well, first they’d probably think I was fangirling too much and second, they’d know quite a bit more about you. (and that was a really long sentence!!)

    1. I think I have struggled with this topic to. I think that separation is the thing that only excludes you. I look at religions and if they say that you must believe this or you are not included in going to heaven, finding peace or being a good person, I think it is those type of generalizations that separate without any actual knowledge of the person at all. It is normal to categorize, there is no judgement involved if you are just stating a fact. That shirt is blue, as opposed to blue shirts are better than all other shirts. I think that is where I stand on separation. I personally welcome all fans!!!!! 🙂

      1. and when in an identification thing, we can say ‘Jon is a white guy with awesome facial hair’ (OK< awesome is more opinion, but still, it is a fact). but is that separation or categorization?

        1. Good question. I think it has to do with the emotion surrounding the statement. Is it for separation or inclusion. I think that your example is fact. If you started to exclude or discriminate because they don’t have great facial hair then that is a judgement and a separation I think.

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